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About Mount Kinabalu

Hi. My name is Ruhaizad Daud. I am a Malaysian and live in Sabah with my wife and kids. I am a doctor by profession and I love outdoor activities. I am always passionate about Mount Kinabalu and mountain climbing, and that is why I wrote about Kinabalu in this website.

You would ask me, why another site about Mount Kinabalu? What are the difference between my site and other Mount Kinabalu site? And the most important thing to ask is, what are the benefits of this site to you?

Well, after few years staying in Sabah and several trip to the highest summit in Borneo, I always heard grouses from Mount Kinabalu climbers about lack of preparation before the climb. This problem happens because most of the tour operator which organize the trip did not give relevant information about the climb, mostly regarding the preparation, health advice and most importantly, the things to expect during the climb. As it is not Mount Everest, the preparation part for this climb (which is important) is sometimes ignored.

Most of the Mount Kinabalu climbers usually are not properly prepared, and they only manage to do it at the very last minute, that is usually done in the morning just before the climb at the Kinabalu Park HQ (that is why they have a small shop that sell basic climbing necessity at Kinabalu Park HQ).

Although the safety precautions will be explained and health briefing will be given by the Kinabalu Park Ranger before the climb, general health fitness for the strenuous climb is always neglected and some of the tour operators assume that all the climbers are 'reasonably fit' to climb. And the result is - they did not able to reach the summit, either they climb to slow to reach the peak (because often they are not fit enough), suffer from altitude sickness or unsuitable weather condition. To make it worst, that might be the only chance for them (in a lifetime) to reach the peak. They will usually climb down with anger and disappointment. You can sometimes see it in their eyes. I really do not want this happens to you!

This website is dedicated solely for those climbers who really want to enjoy their Mount Kinabalu climbing journey with the best information and preparation that they could have. Do not make similar mistake as I did. I do not want your journey to the summit to be like my first journey there.

I would not blabber about my experience all the way through the pages (it will make you bored) because the most important thing now is what will your experience be. While other website tried to persuade you to choose their tour package to climb Mount Kinabalu, I tried to be very neutral about it, giving you the best information about all the untold truth about the climb. You can actually organize your journey from all the information given here from the start to the end - by yourself. You really can save a lot of time and money if you follow the advice carefully. I hope that it would be a one of your best memorable climb of your life.

'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail' - Benjamin Franklin

Now, all of the most common questions about this website are answered. Anybody, I repeat anybody - can reach the summit - provided that they have the best information and preparation. Look nowhere else. I am here to serve you.
       Last but not least, enjoy your journey. That might be your first and last attempt to the summit of Borneo.


means 'Happy Mountaineering' in Malay.

As it is a two way interactions between you and me, you are invited to:


I would not be able to build this website alone without any help and reference from various valid resources. These are all my references:

Some of the books that I referred to are available from If you would like to have a copy, please go to travel companions page.

My wife and me on Low's Peak

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