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It has been quite a long time since I last update this blog. Busy, I guess.

Thank you for those who still send me emails asking what happened. Well, hopefully this post will enlightened us a bit.

For the past several months I have been busy compiling, editing, creating, cut & pasting, organising and cracking my head, trying to put this blog pieces together to make it a book.

As up to now, I have chosen 27 timeless blog post from this blog to be included, in which, each and every post will be edited professionally by Lulu editors. At last, I have decided to use their services to publish my book. If all are according to plan, the book will be out in June/July this year.

For your information, the book is written for climbers who wants to know more than just how to go about planning to climb the mountain. While my main website, www.mount-kinabalu-borneo.com covers all the area of climbing from start to finish, this book is for those who wants to know the details of getting more fun climbing Kinabalu. As you know, all posts inside the book are taken from this blog, edited professionally by Lulu editors.

Among the post that are included are:

  1. Climbing the mountain with children.
  2. How to choose a climbing backpack.
  3. How to choose sport shoes for the climbathon.
  4. Other trails in Kinabalu Park HQ.
  5. Emergency evacuation for injured climbers.

As I wrote this post, I am in the process of selecting photos to be included. Some of the photos were contributed by our readers, and some from Mountain Torq, via ferrata operator of Kinabalu.

The Kinabalu Blog book cover

The Kinabalu Blog book cover

So please be patient. Its difficult for me to juggle my clinic work, this blog/book/website & my family at the same time. I promise that you will get a high quality book from a high quality publisher soon. Wish me luck. 😉

For the past several months, I was very lucky to get some help from one of the best tour operator around Kota Kinabalu on handling our numerous numbers of Mount Kinabalu climbing bookings. Initially we really got some challenges when one of the company’s freelance tour guide apparently involved in some fraudulent activities. We managed to solve the problems and now, we are more cautious on getting other people on board.

Stephanie is just a wonderful person. She deals with all our readers and upcoming climbers professionally, and really helping them achieved their dreams of stepping on the highest peak of Borneo. While the pricing structure is an issue that is still going on without any news of getting attention from the relevant authorities, she served all our climbers well. We know that pricing is an area where we cannot do anything as it has been fixed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. But for quality services, we don’t compromise.

For those who planned to get to the peak anytime in the future, just send her an email from our booking page. You are actually getting the best climbing price around the net, with a “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” 5 star service from ME!!!

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5 thoughts on “2010 updates on Kinabalu Blog

  1. Chang HP

    Beginning of Nov will falls inside the rainy season in Mt Kinabalu area.

    Anyway, will attempt my 2nd trip to Mt Kinabalu beginning next month through Mesilau trail. I reached the Summit following the Timpohon trail in 2008.

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