4th Special Olympics Mt. Kinabalu Challenge – Flag off ceremony

I am back to my clinic today. After having a very exhausting trip up and down Mt. Kinabalu on Friday & Saturday (18th & 19th April), I am now back to my usual work. Feels good to be back, but missed the fellowship with other volunteers, Special Olympics athletes and escorts.

I am not sure how to write this, as writing every bits and details would bored you up with the schedules and things that I did. I don’t think what I did would matter to you most, as what I did was just climbing up Kinabalu (which almost all of you did). The main star in time around was a group of 40 special athletes from this region, that never climbed the mountain before.

What I think I would do is separating this Special Olympics post into several series of post over the next few days, with a lot of photos (maybe 10 photos in one post) during the climb. I am going to photoblog this post and the next few to give you the picture on what I have did with these athletes. I snapped more than 100 photos. It will take some time for me to upload all…

This few photos were taken during the flag off ceremony by our newly appointed Sabah’s Ministry of Youth & Sport, Mr. Peter Pang at Timpohon Gate on Friday, 18th April 2008.

SOS -flag off

Early morning view of Majestic Kinabalu seen from Bundu Tuhan Retreat Center. We stayed here for one night before we start our climb the next morning.

SOS -flag off

SOS -flag off

SOS -flag off
Our new Sabah Minister of Youth & Sport, Mr. Peter Pang, whom officiating the flag-off ceremony.

Special Olympics

Freddy (an athlete) with his escort, Dr. Lai from Kudat. Freddy is a hyperactive child. He managed to reach the peak.

Special Olympics

Harris (with dotted cap) is a Down’s Syndrome guy from Sarawak. He only managed to reach the Rockface.

Special Olympics

We have to take photo with the sponsors…

Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Special Olympics

To be continued…

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A self employed General Practitioner who lives with his lovely family in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He dedicates his spare time serving people with precious information on climbing the Majestic Mountain of the Borneo, Mt Kinabalu. Reachable at drizad(at)gmail.com

7 thoughts on “4th Special Olympics Mt. Kinabalu Challenge – Flag off ceremony

  1. Murphy

    great job drizad. i was also a volunteer in 1st Special Olympics Mt. Kinabalu Challenge . too bad i lost all the photos… 🙁

  2. drizad Post author

    The first one??? Wow… That was really great! Never mind losing the photos. I hope these photos could remind you on how exciting it was, dealing with special athletes…

    Cheer up, bro!

  3. kambing gys

    wah bestnyerrrrrrrrrr mendaki gunung kinabalu bersama menuju ke puncak yg ting.ssssssssssss C muSANG BERBULU pun aAAAaaaaaaaaaaaadaaaa……..KUat jg!!!!!!.. budak bahang paling best nda pa kami sabah youth summit pun mau naik nda lama ……………………………………………lagi kalau DAPAT harap ada org nampak

  4. ramli

    Dear Doc,

    What a way to climb the mountain sharing it with those who are well below the capacity to attempt such a feat. Shame to all those who should be able to make the climb but shy away from doing so, including yours truly. Congrats to those special people who dared to take up such challenge. And of course orang yang macam you all ni yang memang berperi kemanusiaan.

    Tahniah Doc and friends.


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