5 free personal financial software for you

I would like to share with you 5 free and open source personal financial software / personal money management software which I find it suitable for us who don’t really have a solid financial knowledge and background (like me). I used Quicken Money before, but I feel it a bit bloated and I don’t like using it illegally (yes, I use pirated copy. But that’s few years back).

If you are:

  1. A blogger who earn money from your blog, then you can use this software to record all the income and expanses incurred.
  2. A budget traveler who travel around backpacking, then some of the software also have the budget feature, which you can use to tailor your trip to fit your budget.

The good news is that all the software are free, no limitation, no adware and no spyware. All runs in Windows. However, as all of the software are ‘open source‘, you might face some ‘bugs‘ along the way of using it.

These are 5 most recommended personal financial software for you:

Buddi Buddi

Buddi is a simple budgeting program targeted for users with little or no financial background. It allows users to set up accounts and categories, record transactions, check spending habits, etc.


jGnash jGnash

jGnash is a cross platform personal finance application written in Java. jGnash is a double entry system with support for multiple currencies. jGnash can import Gnucash and QIF files. jGnash - screenshot

Money Manager Ex Money Manager Ex
Money Manager Ex is an easy to use, money management application. It is a personal finance manager. It can be used to track your net worth, income vs expenses etc. It runs on Windows and Linux currently with more ports planned. Money Manager Ex - screenshot
GrisbiGrisbi is a very functional personal financial management program with a lot of features. Brisbi - screenshot
Monex Monex
Personal finance manager based on double entry bookkeeping principles. Features: account tree view, transaction filtering, multiple currencies, multiple exchange rates, transaction scheduling and download of financial data. Monex -screenshot

How to choose which one?

Well, personally I like and use jGnash, as it is the closest to Quicken Money. Although it has less feature than Quicken, it still could give me what I want. I can track all my bank account (including my E-trade and Paypal) and can organize all my income/expenses with jGnash.

Money Manager Ex will be my second choice, as it is very similar to jGnash and the application is smaller.

Grisbi would become my third choice if jGnash and Money Manager Ex could not give what I want. I feel that Grisbi is a bit ‘sparse’…

Both Monex and Buddi is actually more to budgeting. I think those two are suitable for budget travelers who want to work out their budget for any trip.


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11 thoughts on “5 free personal financial software for you

  1. Ruhaizad Daud

    Oh, you don’t have to have Linux to use Open Source Software!

    I started with Window$ platform like most of PC users, but slowly migrated to Linux when I realize the capabilities of Linux to do MORE than Window$…

    And yes, I use Linux for my server.

  2. Moojave

    \\However, as all of the software are ‘open source‘, you might face some ‘bugs‘ along the way of using it.//

    This the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Every software have bugs even Windows and others closed source software.

  3. Andy

    I tried jgnash because of its nice design but was disappointed to see the currency conversion error in the balance sheet which as important as the rest of the features of jgnash.

  4. cintia

    wonder if it is save to use, since its an “open source’. Plannin to buy a software. Can i buy a sofware on tis and whr the best to buy? tq

  5. Shamshul

    I have been using MS Money Home and Business (the bootleg version)for a few years and I am very, very happy with the program..I can key in my daily expenses according to category and from various accounts – cash, credit card, current account etc..I do various types of analysis of my expenses and other type of reports – net worth, account balances, balance history etc. and so many more..I can choose to have overview of all my accounts.

    Unfortunately the program will be discontinued by end of this month..

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