Advertlets vs Nuffnang – result after 1 month

I did mentioned to you about getting the result after running both ads for 1 month. Nuffnang and Advertlets have served this blog for more than 30 days, a time frame that is good enough to gauge how much they have spent for a blogger/webmaster like me. I don’t want to comment, but you can see it for yourself:

Nuffnang screenshot:


Advertlets screenshot:


I will wait until my bank statement change with those numbers…

11 thoughts on “Advertlets vs Nuffnang – result after 1 month”

  1. This is what I’ve been thinking, Nuffnang ads earn almost the same amount as Advertlets but it seems that people from other country won’t see the ads so you will only earn if Malaysians view your blog. Advertlets is different where everyone can view the ads (depending on the Advertiser too). 😀

  2. Hi buddy,

    Glad to visit your site again and saw so much changes … I am impressive you use Semiologic system, good for you.

    Well, I just started to put up Nuffnang in my blog. This is the first week on advertising. I will see how’s it goes! From you post, Advertlets look obviously pay better than Nuffnang.

    One question to ask you, can we put up both ads (Advertlets & Nuffnang) ? Do they allow ?


  3. I did asked Josh Lim (Advertlets), and he did not say anything about any restriction of having a competitive ads with theirs. So far, so good.

  4. whoa! Ok. I’ll try advertlets and see how it goes. Nuffnang can’t even compare with adsense. Perhaps give this one a run for the money.

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