Aerial view of Tip of Borneo, Kudat

I came across Kudat Riviera, a website that host an exclusive retreat boasting individual luxury villa residencies over a 10 kilometer coastline. I don’t have any connection with them, but I just want to show you their photo album of Kudat district which showed beautiful aerial view of Kudat.


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16 thoughts on “Aerial view of Tip of Borneo, Kudat

  1. Jay Sanders

    Kudat Riviera is owned by Touchdown Holidays which is from UK, this property in Kudat is actually for the rich and famous. As I heard that 1 lot or 1 property is up for sale or rent just like in Mauritius or other Caribbean island they have houses or villa’s up for rent to the rich and famous, the prices is starting form US1 million for 1 property and if you planing to rent it well sorry to tell you that I am not so sure about it. If any of you rich bugger who plans to get 1 lot, maybe you can do a house warming party there. But I thought you want to do it in the morning time considering the HEAT is really burning your skin up! Literally speaking of course!

  2. drizad Post author

    Hi Jay,

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I know that this Kudat Riviera stuff is meant for the rich and famous. That is why they could hire a professional photographer up on a helicopter and shoot a very nice view of the place.

    Oh well, with the photos, we can always dream to be there!

  3. Jay Sanders

    As for the photographer, I think it should be a hired pro and as for the shot from helicopter this company has their own helicopter which is a Bell 206 Jet Ranger.

  4. drizad Post author

    Hi Jay,

    Wow… You surely know what you are talking about the company AND their helicopter. Are you in any way related to them?

    Nice having you in my blog!

  5. Jay Sanders

    Hahaha..not related but I’ve been around the block though. But you are doing not bad considering your day job is a doctor..and yet you still have time to blog.

  6. Fares al nasser

    Hey guys i just want to tell u that tis place is just more then super amazin and i would love to visit malaysia soooooon and since i loved this place i will do my project of the best house in the world for my collega in this place and i really wish to make this house on reall but it’s just a happy dreams 😀

  7. drizad Post author

    Yes, I have been to Pantai Kelambu (Kelambu Beach). My wife said, when she was young, she always went there, and walked to the island when the tide was really low…

  8. standeman

    hey guys, if u all wanted to go to this place ( Kudat Rviera ) u all can contact this man
    Roger Parmal
    mobile : 6019 8729887

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