Airasia, MAS and flyasianxpress (FAX)

Not a very good news for us – I think.

Do you know that MAS has scrapped their flight from Kota Kinabalu to Johor Baharu? Only Airasia fly that route currently. I don’t think that is a good move by MAS as a national carier. I won’t have a choice to take the flight back to Muar (my home town) but to take Airasia. I like Airasia because of the price, but I like MAS for the services.

For your information, the Kota Kinabalu airport (Terminal 2) is currently under heavy renovations. The condition is also worsen as flyasianxpress also functioning from that airport. The last time I went to the airport, it was very very crowded, noisy with the construction work and dust from the surrounding piling places. You will agree with me when you arrive in Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2.

For flyasianxpress, congratulations for your new services for the people of Borneo. I heard that the pilot for FAX were ‘loaned’ from previous MAS services. Well, at least the MAS pilot still have a choice. But pity for the lower category of staff and the ground staff for MAS. With their company resructuring, a lot of them lost their job.

I am really not agreeable with their move and scrapping flights from KK to JB is the most that I DISAGREE!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Airasia, MAS and flyasianxpress (FAX)

  1. Jimmy

    All pilots and cabin crew will be absorb into flyasianexpress, and yes it is sad to hear that the lower ranking staff will be out of a job. If you recalled back the history when all of this started, MAS is supposedly to be blame as they have given the route for FAX and now they are taking it back as MAS has their own LBC (Low Budget Carrier).

    Remind you also that the aircraft that FAX took over from MAS is the same as flyasianexpress will be using, so what is stopping the same occurrences from happening again when flyasianexpress start flying?

    If is is about technical problems, then yes the same thing will happen again.

  2. drizad Post author

    Agree with you. It seems that although we have more alternative to fly, it doesn’t seems to solve the quality of our Malaysian aviation services.

    The ‘competition’ between MAS, Airasia, FAX, Firefly and the upcoming low budget carrier here in Borneo seems to be clouded by red tape and politics…

  3. Jimmy

    The more red tapes the more money they can get there hands on it. The new airport for LCC in Kota Kinabalu, if you take a walk to the parking section you will see hole on the concrete ground and this is a new building so that does not sits well with me considering that this is a brand new airport. How can a new airport have pot holes and we are not talking about the road area.

  4. drizad Post author

    Really ah? The last time I went there, I didn’t see any hole.
    Okay, I will try to go there and check…

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