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Today, I received an email from our good friend from Philippines. She went to Mount Kinabalu few weeks back and posted some of her nice picture in flickr. Since I also contributed my photos to flickr, I decided to contact her to say hi.

This was her reply.

“Hi Ruhaizad,

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the info that have provided me about Mt. Kinabalu. It was really a big help. Our Sabah trip wouldn’t have been that successful without your climbing tips from your website ( as well as the info that you have provided me in the email.

I was planning to write you an email after the climb but I got stuck with piles of work to finish after i got back from my week-long vacation. I also haven’t got the time to update my blog ( as well but I plan to write abt my KK and Mt. Kinabalu experience which was just amazing!!! I really wanna go back there again.

With regards to your question, I only used a digital point and shoot digicam during the climb..a Canon’s an old Canon digicam model w/ 3.2MP resolution but I have to make do of it…i had to postpone buying a DSLR ‘cuz of my Sabah trip…hehe! But no regrets though ‘cuz the whole trip was more than rewarding. We were blessed to have a good weather during the climb so my camera did just fine…I’ll send you photos of our climb in the email…

I’ve included a link of your site in some of my photos so anyone who might be interested in climbing Mt. Kinabalu and plans to organize the trip on their own will find your website because it definitely contains very useful information.

Once again thanks and i hope to visit Sabah again 🙂



If you want to see what wantet had photographed, feel free to check out her link:

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