An email from Dan Mazur – An Everest expedition leader

I would like to share with you an email that I received from Dan Mazur, an Everest expedition leader and administrator for It sounded like this:

Hello Mountain Friends.

Dan Mazur I hope you are well. What have you been up to? This is Dan Mazur writing to you. Perhaps you heard that, in May 0f 2006, I was part of the SummitClimb team that helped rescue a fallen Australian climber named Lincoln Hall. Fortunately we got him down from just below the summit of Everest and he was allright. We were all surprised when the story reached the national media. I have attached a photo of Lincoln Hall at 28,000 feet, 8700 metres on Everest after we revived him with Oxygen, warm tea and food. Thankfully he lived.

I’m also an Everest expedition leader, have reached the summit of 7 of the world’s highest mountains, including Everest and K2, and have led and organized expeditions to more than 60 Himalayan, African, and South American peaks. Here is an attached photo that my friend Duane took on Ama Dablam.

Lincoln HallI am writing to tell you whats been going on with our non-profit endeavors and to let you know its time to join our climbs and treks for 2007.

Have you received all of the colourful mountain postcards we sent you in the mail? If not, perhaps we don’t have your postal address and you would like to email that to us so we could post you a mountain card? Thanks!

You can see all of our upcoming goings-on at , now in our 16th year. THANKS FOR TELLING ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO.

We dedicated our fun and rewarding October trek to Mera peak to dearly departed Crocodile Hunter Steven Irwin and to Sue Fear, first Australian woman on Everest. You could see more at: . If you visit that interesting site, be sure to scroll down to see all of the photos.

We have had the pleasure to meet many of you at recent dvd-slideshows and presentations. In case you know of anyone who would like to host a dvd-slideshow, please let us know. We are doing these to raise money for the non-profit , helping local low-income families who live near Everest in Nepal and Tibet, but far from any trail a tourist would walk, to help themselves by building schools and hospitals and environmental projects so these farm families can stay on the land, rather than moving to the cities and joining the ranks of the unemployed.

The Everest Foundation is engaged in current projects replacing the roof on the Deboche Nunnery, and now training a new advanced-level health assistant and two new teachers for the health clinic and school in Okhladunga. By the way, the Foundation continues to support women, men, and children equally.

On a recent health visit in June as part of our twice annual service trek, Dr. Phillip Heinegg and his family, along with SummitClimb staff Arnold Coster and Maya Sherpa visited the rural health clinic and treated more than 100 patients in a day. From what we know, these were the only foreigners to visit the entire valley in 2006. You can try watching a video about the Everest Foundation and the service trek here.


By the way, you may know of someone who would like to join our leader in training program or participate in it yourself. Please check out our website: , and let us know you are interested so we could send you further information. We are proud to train new leaders for the outdoor industry each year, and we started doing that in 1993.

<–Omitted contents–>

Congratulations you made it to the bottom of this email.

I hope you will join me and tell all of your friends about what we are trying to do.

Please keep the questions coming. I always enjoy speaking about our favourite topic: MOUNTAINS.

Thank you very much. I await your reply, wish you all of the best, and look forward to making your trip a success.

Yours, Sincerely, Dan Ps. I encourage you to ring me in the UK on ++44 (0) 7810 375400 (evenings are best). Thank you.


Our postal address is:

Himalaya Expeditions
184 Bishop Road
Bristol BS7 8NB

If we don’t have it, would you please be so kind as to email your postal address, so that we could mail you colour post cards and other information, including photos, maps, etcetera? Thank you very much FOR TELLING ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

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