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Accomline BlogA new way to promote Accommodation Reservation Online – having a blog to promote it. Accomline Blog is a good example for accommodation provider to market the services through blogosphere. It provides accommodation news, updates, travel news and stories in a blog presentation to promote their online accommodation reservation services worldwide.

After surfing Accomline Blog for few minutes, I notice that it has few good articles about accommodation stories. “How to shut the kids up while traveling” is a good example that I could relate as I face similar difficulties while traveling with my kids. It makes sense to me that traveling with less disturbance from the kids will reduce my stress and make the journey more enjoyable.

Accommodation travel news about “France Experience” is one of the post that gives us the idea on what to do and where to go if we decided to go to France for our holiday. For me, I would like to experience “Tour de France” route!

Accomline Blog also features “Top destinations for Uni grads” as the latest accommodation updates, and listed out 4 major cities around the world. If you plan to spend your after graduation holiday, you should get some idea from the article.

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