Borneo International Marathon 2013 10km personal report

My first ever official running event after leaving high school in 1994. Borneo International Marathon was successfully held yesterday in Kota Kinabalu, after it was postponed from the actual date on 5th May because of Malaysia’s 13th General Election. It was a very lively event, the organizers were fabulous. They did a very excellent task of handling the event professionally.

As it was my first ever event, there were few issues that I think I would like to mentioned, in which maybe a good information for those who planned to run in next year’s event.

First and foremost, as I am a Muslim, prayer room (surau) is one of the priority. Stadium Likas where the event was held has a prayer room. So it will not be an issue for 10km and half marathon runners, as both events starts after the early morning (subuh) prayer. Only for full marathoners, they may have to have a slight detour from the main road to Kota Kinabalu mosque to pray. As the event starts at 3.00 am in the morning, by the time they reached near the mosque, they can have their prayer.

I came very early, at 4.30 am last Sunday, although my event started at 6.15 am, just to familiarized things around. It’s a good way of not panicking around if you arrive late at the starting line.

Sponsors were also good. Drinks on the water stations, ice cream at the stadium, free flow of MILO were abundant.

The only glitch that I think that could be improved next year was the shuttle bus that feeds the runners back to their hotel. Although the bus picking them up from the hotel was punctual, buses picking the back to the hotels were not that punctual.

The volunteers were also very cheerful, traffic police and cyclist really helps the runners to run in a safer condition.


So, what next for me? I am targeting for full marathon next year. 4th May 2014 Borneo International Marathon. I would like to run the course less than 5 hours.

If you want to know how did I do yesterday, check out my run profile from Garmin Connect. I run with Garmin Forerunner 210, as my Runkeeper app failed on me.

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