Bring enough fuel on your Mount Kinabalu climbing trip

I received an email from a 71 years old climbers who were ill informed about the severity of the mountain, especially for those who were unprepared. Dour, wrote this to me:

I traversed the Mesilau trail in September this year.
We were ill prepared. And did not have enough food for the trip.
I am an experienced tramper and easily cover 11km in 4-5 hours. We were not advised about extra food. I took plenty of water 2 litre bladder as well as two 650mls bottles.
We all suffered from lack of fuel because we were not advised of the severity of the landscape.

I am 71 years old and have been outdoors most of my adult life in all sorts of weather including snow and ice.
Having said that I have good memories of the trip.
I took wet weather gear, boots, not sneakers and a hiking pole as well as my normal hiking clothing. Wearing shorts and snow putties as well also helped.
I wish I had seen this site before we left.

So, moral of the story: Please pack extra food and fuel for the climb. I personally suggest that you bring some instant noodles, bread loaf and tuna/sardines, chocolates, nuts and raisins. You can also buy some hi-tech energy bars and gels in which a bit more expensive but surely can give you the extra fuel if needed. I had personally consume few brands of energy fuels – PowerBar, GU, NUN, Hammer and Hi5. Honestly, I am not a person who can consume those type of fuel (bars and gels) for a long time. It’s just taste very artificial. Take it with some proper food. You will like it.


PowerBar energy bars

There is a restaurant at Laban Rata Resthouse. However, the food and drink prices there are ridiculous. Don’t waste your money there, unless necessary.

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