Can Sabah Parks be more embarrassing?

Hahaha. I sounded that I am always looking for Sutera Sanctuary Lodges and Sabah Parks embarrassing moment since the beginning this year. Well, maybe I am. But I don’t think that I am the one and only person who did it.

Today, I found another good article by a couple of Mount Kinabalu climbers, Matt & Joanne Stamplis, who climbed the Western Plateau of Mount Kinabalu, spend some times in Gurkha Hut, summit the South Peak & standing on the edge of Low’s Gully. A very long and nice write-up, I must say.

However, when I arrived at about 3/4 of their post, I was a bit dissapointed when I saw what they wrote. Not to them, but to our Malaysian government when it comes to the management of the mountain.

Yeah… It is always like that on Kinabalu: Climbers praise the mountain so much, but at the same time, very dissappointed with the management. I am just not sure how long this issue will be the thorn in the flesh of Kinabalu. Click to enlarge.

You may be able to read their post here:

Or this screenshot from their part 1:

You can get it here: Borneo Part 1 (Mt Kinabalu)

If you are a hardcore climbers from anywhere around the world, their write-up is one of a very good basis for you to get the most of Kinabalu’s Western Plateau.

Good Luck!

17 thoughts on “Can Sabah Parks be more embarrassing?

  1. ben

    Have you forwarded this and your other complaints about SSL to the relevant authorities like the Minister of Tourism, Sabah Tourism etc?

  2. ben

    Murphy: someone told me you’re now with SP; perhaps you can help drizad inform the Ministry and STB/SP about these bad publicity about Sabah tourist attractions? During yesterday’s state CIOs meeting the LonelyPlanets travel advisory against going to the east coast of Sabah (Sipadan etc) was also discussed. Maybe you can add this one too. Tq

  3. drizad Post author

    @ ben:

    Soon, this website & blog will be highlighted in their meeting (to be one of those blog who gave a bad publicity about Sabah). You know la those people…
    The time will come & I am ready for it.

  4. Murphy

    ben> i’ve informed my bosses about this. next time i will blog about SSL to let everyone knows about the issues.

  5. Adrian Lee

    I haven’t been to Mt Kinabalu since 2000. Is this the price they are charging for Laban Rata now (Joanne Stamplis’s post)?! As a Sabahan, even I find it a rip-off!
    I have to see the facts for myself before I can comment further. If it’s true, we should do what we can to make things better.
    Great blog!

  6. Kuna

    I wonder what else does Sabah Tourism board needs to take action?Isn’t write up on how bad the services and the rip offs of SSL not sufficient enough?Perhaps Sabah Tourism would like to see no one climb the mountain for one whole year? If that will make them take action, I do not mind spreading the word to everyone NOT to climb Mt Kinabalu for one whole year and only do it once action has been taken against SSL.Pretty drastic, but that might get the message across.

  7. Adrian Lee

    Kuna, to say don’t climb Mt. Kinabalu is not going to work. I guess we continue to highlight the state of affairs and keep sending the complaints in.

    You know, in any other country or business, this would already be enough of a kick in the pants. Some people just don’t get it.

  8. Kuna

    Sigh..yes Adrian I agree that in other countries or business this would have been enough..but sometimes with back ups of important people things do not sink in..I don’t know if it will work even after so many complaints..

  9. drizad Post author

    @ ben:

    Thanks for the link. Apparently, there were 3 other similar complaints that The Star received. I have submitted mine, and the editor had also contacted me for more information. I don’t know what he can do for us, but at least he tried.

  10. Kuna

    Maybe the editor should have a look at the comments at this site.Hopefully he can do something about it.

  11. Andreas Lautz

    After 8 times to mt. Kinabalu and surrounding (by car) i realy wonder if government know whats going on. last time arriving in Mesilau Nature Resort i was treated like a gangster or terrorist by the guard at the entrance. Maybe he was not used to private people in privat cars but trust me, we will be more. A big part of turistindustry in Europe is already working this way, and it will follow in Asia. The amount of people travelling by minibusses marked: Borneo Adventure trip ect. will be less. People from Europe and Australia anyway surviving the Financal crisis of today and travel afterwards will demand much more own individualism.
    The good news for Saba: they leave MUCH more money as before! trust me, i know this from my own account.

  12. Cecelia Tan

    Drizad, I really gain a lot from all your articles relating to Mt KK. Since last year, I have planned to climb Mt KK. The climbing date is on 12-13 July 09. Unfortunately, the accomodation in Laban Rata (SSL) has been fully-taken up. The main point is not the fast selling accomodation, but the skyrocket price quoted by SSL due to monopolised.

    As per my conversation with SSL on today, the most budget package is RM415 net. (for breakdown, refer

    I am now seeking for an alternative,Mt Torq (via ferrata)…before I totally give up Climbing Mt KK….

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