Casino on Mount Kinabalu?

What say you?

It has been quite an issue during the past few weeks. Politicians and businessman talking about it. Somebody will get rich and a lot of people will get poor if they build casino on Mount Kinabalu.

I know, it’s not an issue for most of Kinabalu climbers, but the impact of the gambling industry to the World’s Heritage Site need to be considered.

I personally don’t agree with the idea. Let Kinabalu be as it is. It’s not Genting Highlands.

But don’t be surprised when one day you will hear that they are going to a casino at Gunting Lagadan Hut…

Read about the issue from local newspaper:

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1 thought on “Casino on Mount Kinabalu?

  1. gladysdavid

    A total NO, NO.

    I agree with you in letting kinabalu mount be as it is. Having the climbing cost shoot up to 500% higher than it was before is already outrageous. Making it into a gambling den… I hope the higher ups re-think the idea.

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