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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for Kinabalu Blog readers

Tomorrow is the Aidilfitri or Eid-ul-Fitri, often abbreviated as simply Eid, a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Eid is an Arabic term meaning “festivity” or “celebration” while Fiá¹­r means “to break the fast” and can also mean “nature” from the word “fitrat” and therefore symbolizes the breaking of the fasting period. On the day of the celebration, a typical Muslim family is awake very early and then after praying the first normal everyday prayer, is required to eat in a small quantity, symbolizing the end of Ramadan.

For Muslims, Eid ul-Fitr is a joyous occasion with important religious significance, celebrating of the achievement of enhanced piety. It is a day of forgiveness, moral victory, peace of congregation, fellowship, brotherhood and unity.

I usually celebrate Aidilfitri with my family back in Muar, Johor. However, this year, I could not go back for the holiday because of my wife’s turn to work in the hospital (she is a nurse). We will only celebrating Aidilfitri here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with my in-laws.

Hope that you will enjoy your festive season.

Maaf Zahir & Batin
From me, Mainie, Dany Hijazi & Syahzanani Izzati

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for Kinabalu Blog readers

Sometimes, receiving this kind of email satisfy me…

It feels good to received this kind of email. Although the sender is really foreign to you, never seen and never heard about them before, receiving email like this makes you feel satisfied. This is the email that I received from Desmon Kong, one of our reader who happen to be one of my new friends…

Hai Zad,

Thanks for the newsletter, I have enjoyed reading it and have a good laugh by this Leif Pettersen. Also reminds me of some the things I experienced during my trip. I guess everybody got their own story to tell. Unfortunately I’m not the type of person to keep journal even though I know is a good habit. It will be a great tool if we practice that we can always refer & reflect our lives the things that we gone thru and be thankful to God.

Coming on May two of my good friends is climbing Mt KK using the Mesilau route. Unfortunately I can’t make it what a shame. One of them also has climbed with me last year Feb. The other one just started practicing medicine but took sometime off, he is in Pulau Tioman right now climbing Gunung Kajang.

I will be climbing Gunung Ledang on labour day with them and few others. This is my 3rd Ledang climb. Of course cant be compared with MT KK but nearer to us and also nice in its own way. Also helps me to keep fit. At the kaki gunung of Ledang its has thunderous waterfall rushing thru, big enough to swim. So at the begining of the climb u can feel the strong ‘clean fresh water washed air’ pushes thru from the reaction of water and air meet in a powerful force. Now that is what I call force of nature. That is the same force that gave you the energy to do what you are doing. That motivation is called nature calls. I believed everybody have calling to do noble deeds if they seek from the nature. Just a way to tell you that your work is appreciated.

Keep me update on the newsletter.

Desmond Kong

Thank you for your nice email. I actually come from Muar, Johor. Gunung Ledang was one of my father’s favorite getaway spot for our family. When I was little boy, we usually go there to just have a nice picnic and swim at the waterfall. Those days, the water was really cool and the environment is clean and green. Well, it was more than 20 years ago. I am not sure about now. I heard, the place has been developed and it was not as good as it was before. Anyway, hopefully I can go there again with my family.

My baby girl – 5 months old

I have “thought block” today. Don’t know what and don’t have time to write a good post. Was very busy at the clinic and the WIFI router in my office broke down. So, I am posting this entry from home.

Just would like to share with you the latest photo of my angel…

Syahzanani Izzati

Not a wondeful anniversary…

It’s Mount Kinabalu first year anniversary today. Unfortunately, it’s not a good day to celebrate. At this moment of writing, my babysitter is in the Emergency Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She accidentally cut her finger while preparing my children’s meal at home this morning. I called my old friend, a medical assistant in the department to take care of her.

Well, at the same time, nobody is looking after my two kids. So, she has to bring them to the hospital with her – and deliver it to my wife – who is still working in the jam packed Female Medical Ward. Luckily, she asked help from my brother in-law to fetch her to the hospital. Now, my wife is still looking for him whom temporarily babysitting my two kids – probably at the hospital car park. From what I get, there were no serious injury, no tendon cut, but the bleeding seems does not stop with just a simple pressure.

Me? I knocked a 4WD backside this morning – also at the hospital. The guy who drove the vehicle is my wife’s Nursing Sister’s son. Well, we both would like to get out from a busy junction, when suddenly he stopped in front of me. Brrraaannnggg! I crashed my hood, bumper, mudguard, right headlight and I don’t know what else, on to his bumper. Luckily, the radiator was not involved.

My car at Tip of Borneo

We went to Kota Kinabalu Police station, make a police report. I met with some familiar faces in the station – a Sargent and two inspector – whom very helpful on dealing with my case (We worked together before on handling dead bodies from motor vehicle accident, while I was in the Emergency Department). They even treat me with “teh tarik” while waiting for the report to be ready. As I am the guilt party, I have to pay the compound – RM250, but have not. After making few calls, I contacted my insurance company, Takaful Nasional and asked my agent on what to do next. The Sargent have a contact with a Takaful Nasional panel workshop and help me to contact them. In about half an hour, the guy from the workshop came and take some photos of my damaged car. I spend almost two hours in the police station.

I drove home, picked my insurance cover note and pink slip of my car, get it photostated and drove slowly to the workshop. I noticed that my car lost it’s “power” when I drive it. Later on, when I arrived there, the mechanic found out that one of my spark plug cable was cut. That is why the car losses its power, as it only use 3 out of 4 available spark plugs. After submitting all my documents, I head back to clinic in a mini bus.

Phew… I don’t know what will happen later of the day, but I pray to God, let it end here and now. Hopefully no more unfortunate events happen today. From what I’ve been told, the car will have to remain in the workshop – for at least 10 days…

As I don’t have a camera phone, I could not share with you my damaged car. Maybe in the next few days, after my visit to the workshop to see my car undergoing ‘operation”.

Birthday Ticker for your child

Oh, I found a really cute website that gives you a free birthday ticker for your child. I just think that it would be nice for parents (like me) to have one in their website or blogs. Apart from it being nice, it will also remind you how old your little angle is!

The one below is for my daughter. You can change the design of the ticker from a lot of templates that they offer.

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Syahzanani Izzati

A lot of things happening last 3 weeks…

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting in this blog for the past 3 weeks. I was occupied with a lot of personal and family matters. And, I manage to get myself a break.

17 October 2006 : My wife delivered our second child, a girl weighted 3.2 kg in Hospital Likas. I am now a father of a pair!

My daughter, Syahzanani Izzati

23 October 2006 : My family and I went back to Muar, Johore for Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday. We took AirAsia flight to Johor Bahru as MAS does not have any more flight shuttling Johor Bahru. It’s a bit risky flying with a 6-days-old baby but we continue our journey anyway.
24 October 2006 : We celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a Muslim festival after 1 month of fasting. I ate a lot of ketupat and kuih raya!

31 Ocotber 2006 : We went back to Kota Kinabalu, to continue our life here with our newborn baby.

1 November 2006 : We went up north to Kudat to visit my in-laws.

2 November 2006 : We went to Tanjung SImpang Mengayau, The Tip Of Borneo with my 2 children. The place is very beautiful and I could not resist but taking a lot of photo there.

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

6 November 2006 : I am back to my office!

Happy Independence Day for Malaysia

Today, 31st August 2006, is 49th year for Malaysia independence. So, what do you do today? As the country is getting older, I really hope whoever rule the country will give their best effort on keeping this country peaceful and harmony.

Let us be friends. War will not get us anywhere. There is much more to do with love than hate.

I would like to thank God for giving me the ability to live and serve you with this website. I am really glad that I live in Malaysia.

“Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri”. It’s a Malay proverb, meaning that although there are many good things outside our own country, and less in the place where we live, it is still best to live in our own place. It might be similar to “There is no place like home”.

Selamat Hari Merdeka. Merdeka! Merdeka! Mentega!