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Ranau photo #61

Fish feeding at Kg Luanti, Ranau. As we arrived at late afternoon, there were not much fishes around, as a lot of them were full with food. But I got the chance to get bitten by some of the fish. Ouch.

Kundasang photo #58

Kundasang fruit stall. With current major earthworks and upgrading of Kundasang main road, this fruit stalls were temporarily removed. This photo was taken in 2006, and hopefully when everything is ready, thestalls will get a new facelift.

Tambunan photo #56

Rafflesia Information Center, Tambunan. The best place to see rafflesia flower in Sabah. You need to call the center before going, so that they can give you the information on when is the time they bloom.

Contact the center here: +6088-898500 / +6088-898501