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Mount Kinabalu from the air

Managed to snap some shots of Mount Kinabalu while traveling from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan on a flight. I went to Sandakan few months back, but did not managed to upload the photos sooner. The photo quality is a bit low, as I shot it with a smart phone, to be exact, Blackberry 8520.

I traveled from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan in the afternoon. Afternoon shots are not good as clouds had covered the mountain which obscure the view of the mountain. I came back from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu on a morning flight. This is the best time to see the majestic mountain of Borneo, as the sky is really clear!

There is one shot that is different from the others. See if you can identify it!

Want to see Mount Kinabalu when it rains?

Found 2 videos from the net on rains on Kinabalu.

The first video is taken from Gurkha Hut, a remote hut up on the mountain, in which normal Summit Trail climbers will no be able to see it. It’s a small hut for 4, especially for those hard core climbers and like the adventure of mountain camping.

The second one was taken from Sayat-sayat Hut, the last hut before Low’s Peak. The second video looks a bit scary as the mountain trail was flooded heavily. Looks really, really dangerous for us to either climb up or down.


Yes. One death on Kinabalu after 2001

You heard me right. One death after nearly 9 years since 2001. I am not really sure what had happened. I can’t really get insiders information about the incident as most of my contact had been transferred out to other places.

You can read about it here. I personally think that Kinabalu is one of the safest mountain to climb in the world. However, accident happens. As long as you follow your guide’s advice and Sabah Parks guidelines, you should be enjoying the trip more.

If you read the news properly, the accidents happened at Mesilau Trail, way down from the Rock Face where the barren rock and rope area (which is the commonest place people get injured).

This is the excerpt of the news:
KOTA KINABALU: A climber slipped and fell to his death when trekking up Mount Kinabalu.

Tan Tzu Hau, 31, from Inanam here, was found dead 5.5km from the Mesilau trail at about 2pm on Monday by a Sabah Parks porter.

Ranau district police chief Deputy Supt Suhaimy Hashim said that Tan was part of a mixed group locals and peninsular Malaysians trekking up the mountain through the Mesilau trail when the incident occurred.

”Tan was trailing behind the group when he apparently slipped and fell. No one knows exactly how he fell but a porter who was behind spotted his sprawled body beside the trail,” Suhaimy said.

He said the incident occurred near the Panar Laban rest house at the height of 3,270m of the 4,101m mountain.

”His body has been brought down to Ranau and we are waiting for the post mortem to be conducted, he said, adding that police did not suspect foul play as they believe it was a case of misadventure.

Masilau trail is second but tougher route to the mountain as compared to the more popularly used Summit Trail or South Ride Trail.

Accidental deaths among climbers on Mount Kinabalu is relatively rare though they have been a few incidents with the last reported incident occurring in Aug 2001 when a British teenager Ellie James lost her way and was found dead on the mountain nearly a week after she went missing.

Kinabalu climbing booking is up and running again!

Good news for all Kinabalu climbers! I managed to get hold of one tour operator that could help me handle the enormous booking request that I received from all over the world. It has been about 6 months since I last stopped the services due to some technical issue, but today, I resume servicing again.

I have also updated some few things in the booking page (like omitted the pricing and cost) and clean up the database of client that I received since 2007 (ha ha ha)…

So send your request booking now through our booking pages. You will get some good discount if you send through me!

p/s: We still have issues with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, but managed to get through it. Thanks to the tour guide (in which, I will have to keep the name confidential), I hope more people can enjoy the climb!

Strange experiences and mystical belief of Mount Kinabalu?

I received an email from one of my good friend during my holiday. Cikgu Ismail sent me a suggestion to write about mystical experience that I had during my trip up the Majestic Mountain of Kinabalu.

Personally, I have never encountered any extraordinary and strange phenomenon and experiences during my several visits up the peak. But then, I heard from few climbers that they experienced some strange event even before they climbed Kinabalu. Some of them are during the climbing and the rest were after the climb.

Pray The Lord for a safe climbingIs Kinabalu so mystical that ‘it’ knows what’s your intuition? Does it has extraordinary power that could harm anybody that tries to harm the mountain?

The locals believe that the ‘mountain spirit’ is alive and until now, they still perform religious ceremonies annually. These ceremonies were performed to appease the spirit of the mountain as well as the ancestral spirit who lived there. The park’s guide will perform a sacrifices of seven chicken and eggs, as well as cigars, betel nuts, sirrih leaves, lime, and rice. It is believed that the ceremony is done to ask the spirit of the mountain to protect the climbers of Kinabalu from any danger, as long as the climbers respect them.

With that statement, I could conclude that the accidents that happened on the mountain were mostly due to the climber’s fault. We cannot blame the mist and the mountain when anything bad happened to us on the mountain.

In relation to the mystical experiences, I just want to share with you a personal climber’s experiences. It maybe related to the mountain but it may not be. What is important here is to learn a lesson from the experience…

Ahhhh… My God. Bad news … After sending you an email last night, I suddenly felt some dull aching pain at my right waist, starting from 2am. I was rolling in bed, bearing the pain. It last until 4 am. I fall asleep after that when the pain ceased. When the pain started back at 6:30 am, I forced myself to go to Hospital Kulai…

I was examined by a medical assistant, and given an injection to alleviate the pain. He then asked me to rest for an hour, after which his urine and blood test results came back. At about 11am today… Oh my God … the world feels dark. Dr. Kenanga bte Abd Malek suspected that I have renal stone… most probably in the kidney. I have to do an x-ray this coming Wednesday. OMG….

I am writing this to you because I want to share the pain with you! I keep thinking on why I end up like this… Is it because I drank a lot of ginger tea, eating ox tail soup, drinking less plain water bla bla bla…

Opssss … Then I remembered that I had the intention to bring back a piece of rock from Low’s Peak when I get there. Perhaps the “mountain spirit” read my intention and want to give me a warning… not to do something with the mountain… I started to believe… Is this the reason?

Thank The Lord for the achievementAfter about a week, I got the following email:
Wonderful news. I went for an x-ray this morning… The doctor confirmed that I don’t have kidney stone. She only predict that I sustained minor renal injury. It’s just a bit weird that I didn’t pass out blood nor sandy materials in the urine. I am not really sure what had happened. I then made an appointment for an ultrasound scan from Johor Bahru Hospital.

Last night before I went to bed… I remembered about my intention to take some rocks from the mountain… Then I decided not to take any rock from the mountain back to Johor… I fast asleep then…

The result was stunning! X-ray findings this morning was really surprising!

Moral of the story:
Follow the rules of Sabah Park Authorities, in which one of them is don’t take anything back from the mountain (even a single rock). The mountain has its own ‘spirit’. Bad intentions will have bad results in return…

Do you have any strange experiences during your climbing trip? Share with us here!

Welcome to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang

Forget about Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Kinabalu Park accommodations. They are expensive and not worth staying in. Can you imagine staying in bunk beds Grace Hostel will cost you RM120 per person, per night?

With RM120 you can stay in Kinabalu Pine Resort, Winner of 2005/06 Malaysian Tourism Awards – Excellence in Hotel Services (2 Star) standard room with breakfast and have your own veranda facing the Majestic Kinabalu.

Personally, I have been shying away from staying in Kinabalu Park for the last 2 years, as they were cutting my throat with their prices.

Enough with the bashing. I am would like to introduce you to Kiram’s Village, Mesilou, Kundasang. Situated just before the entrance of Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, Kundasang, this group of chalets are owned by one of my high school super senior, Jamalul Kiram.

It’s new, don’t have much promotion and still don’t have any website but the place is just so beautiful. We had a family gathering last month with other members of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh Old Boys Association (STAROBA) Sabah Chapter. We just had a great time, barbecuing and karaoke, until the air was too cold for us. The temperature went down to 15 degree Celcius at night!

Check out the photos!

Kiram's Village Chalets
Sunrise @ Kiram's Village. There's a fish pond in front of the chalets.
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
The signboard. You should not miss it as it's just before the golf course.
Family units, complete with cooking area and two bedrooms (left).
Office cum diner cum karaoke place. With a view...
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
Yes, it's Kundasang...
This place is higher than Kinabalu Park...
Kinabalu from the golf course...

Just drop me an email if you decided to spend some quality time with your family in this place. It’s a nice weekend getaway, just 1 and half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.

One climber slot on 19th March 2009

I received an email from Stacy. She is looking for a climber to join her group on 19th March 2009 as she overbooked the beds. You may contact her if you are interested.

There are 5 of us however, we booked accommodation for 6 at Laban rata room on 19 March 2009.
If there is anyone (unfortunately it’s only for one) who may interested in bunking in with us, we can accommodate. The price is MYR 347.
Please email me details if there is anyone who’s interested.