The correct version of climbing Bowen’s Route by Myles Bowen

I was so surprised when Myles Bowen himself contacted me yesterday. If you don’t know who Myles Bowen is, you can read this post about climbing the eastern plateau of Kinabalu. As the first person to ascend the eastern plateau of Kinabalu, he would like to correct some misinformation that he have seen recently in … Read more

Join “Mount Kinabalu – belongs to NO ONE else” cause in Facebook

A lot of complaints. A lot of rants. A lot of rage. The issue: Sutera Sanctuary Lodges monopolize Mount Kinabalu for their own profits. They never wants to listen to our grouses on how expensive their climbing packages are, as long as they are the only available solution for Kinabalu climbers. It started early this … Read more

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges – the biggest rip-off merchants in Asia

No. I did not write those words. I quoted from a travelogue entry by staffyandlyddy in They also gave a breakdown of what they had to pay those ripp-off merchants to climb the mountain (for non-Malaysian): Dorm Room at Park Headquarters – 85RM each Permit to Climb Mt Kinabalu – 100RM each Insurance (even … Read more