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3D2N stay in Bavanggazo Longhouse package

I received an email requesting for a 3D2N package to Rungus Longhouse in Kudat. After discussing with Aiden on how to write a good itinerary, I came out with this package. If you decided to choose the package as one of your travel get away, just drop me an email. I was told by Aiden not to put the price of the package in this blog, but I can assure you that you will get a very good deal if you book with us. The longhouse is run by my in laws family, Mr. Maranjak Milaad as the head of the longhouse.

Rungus LonghouseDay 1 – Depart from Kota Kinabalu city center up to the north of Borneo, Kudat. the journey will take about 2 and half hours through villages and padi fields. Depends on the day of departure, Sundays will be a bonus on the journey as you can drop by in Tamu Kota Belud, one of the famous weekends open market in Sabah. It is good to also buy some raw material or some souvenirs (although not compulsory) for your stay in the longhouse.

Afternoon – should arrive in the longhouse, and will be greeted by my in-laws family. Mr Maranjak is the head of Maranjak Homestay and from that point of time, you will be the guest of the longhouse. After having welcoming drinks, (coconut juice and some locally brewed liquor), you will be introduce to the lifestyle of the Rungus Longhouse and the activities. You will be shown on how to make beads (Beads making) and other handicraft, so called “Inavol”.

Evening – Dinner will be served with lots of local delicacies, and most of the vegetables are home grown. After dinner, there will be a traditional dance show for you, so called “Mongigol” and you are invited to join the show. You will also be served with local drinks, called “montoku”. But I must remind you that this drinks, if take excessively can lead you to be drunk. The night will end with you sleeping in one of the rooms in the longhouse.

Rungus LonghouseDay 2 – The day will start with breakfast by the host, and after the breakfast, you will be going for a jungle trekking. The trekking will take about an hour, climbing up the Gomantong Hill, the highest peak in the Kudat district. You will be shown the natural habitat of flora (herbs) and fauna that are endemic to the place. You only have to tell Mr. Maranjak about the intention to do the trekking, and he will organize it. After that, traditional games takes place. You can try the blowpipe and solve some IQ quenching games that is traditionally made by the Rungus people.

Afternoon – After lunch, you can book a trip for Kudat district sightseeing. Mr Maranjak can provide you with a transport to visit the beautiful beaches at the Tip of Borneo, have a sightseeing session in Kudat town, and head to Kampung Sumangkap for Gong making and Honey Bee farm in Matunggong.

Evening – After dinner, you will be shown another type of traditional dance, “Mongunatip” and of course, you can join the dance.

Day 3 – After breakfast, have some time for your leisure, pack your luggage and head back to Kota Kinabalu.

Rungus Longhouse – latest photo

These are two photos of the longhouse, which I took last weekend while visiting my in-laws. I will post some more later…

Rungus Longhouse

That’s the entrance door of the longhouse. The high structure is like an observation tower. I haven’t been able to climb it yet. 😉

Rungus Longhouse

That’s the front part of the longhouse, an extension structure from the main building.

Map to Rungus Longhouse in Kudat, Sabah

I was asked by one of our fellow traveler about the direction to the Rungus Longhouse in Kudat, nothern part (tip) of Borneo. I replied to her email with this map.

UPDATE 26 December 207: I have uploaded a Google Maps to the Longhouse HERE. Check it out!

Map to Rungus Longhouse

I know, I have a bad drawing, but this map is temporary. I will of course load up a new and digitally made for you – next time. If anyone would like to help me on producing a nice picture of the map, I would be delighted to accept.

Basically, the road to Kudat is simple. After passing Kota Belud (they called it the cowboy town), there is only one road leading north. When you arrive at the Kudat – Kota marudu junction, turn left and follow the road straight. It will take you another 35 minutes to the longhouse and 1 hour to Kudat. Most of the taxi driver & bus driver from Kota Kinabalu knows where the Longhouse is.

Enjoy your journey.