Practical white water rafting tips

All rafters will be given a safety briefing before the ride and will be shown paddle-handling, basic backward and forward paddling techniques and other safety precautions. Paddles, life jackets, safety helmets, life-lines, first aid its and rescue bags provided by the operator. The rafter only needs comfortable clothing which does not hinder movement. Always check … Read morePractical white water rafting tips

White Water Rafting in Padas River, Sabah

Are you an advance paddler? Aged from 12 to 55 years old and are physically fit? Fantastic! This is the right river for you to test your skills! Uhmmm… beginners? Attempting Padas River? Yeah, sure why not? Just ‘paddle’ o­n and follow the safety instructions please! Padas River is situated in the interior of southern … Read moreWhite Water Rafting in Padas River, Sabah