Strange experiences and mystical belief of Mount Kinabalu?

I received an email from one of my good friend during my holiday. Cikgu Ismail sent me a suggestion to write about mystical experience that I had during my trip up the Majestic Mountain of Kinabalu.

Personally, I have never encountered any extraordinary and strange phenomenon and experiences during my several visits up the peak. But then, I heard from few climbers that they experienced some strange event even before they climbed Kinabalu. Some of them are during the climbing and the rest were after the climb.

Pray The Lord for a safe climbingIs Kinabalu so mystical that ‘it’ knows what’s your intuition? Does it has extraordinary power that could harm anybody that tries to harm the mountain?

The locals believe that the ‘mountain spirit’ is alive and until now, they still perform religious ceremonies annually. These ceremonies were performed to appease the spirit of the mountain as well as the ancestral spirit who lived there. The park’s guide will perform a sacrifices of seven chicken and eggs, as well as cigars, betel nuts, sirrih leaves, lime, and rice. It is believed that the ceremony is done to ask the spirit of the mountain to protect the climbers of Kinabalu from any danger, as long as the climbers respect them.

With that statement, I could conclude that the accidents that happened on the mountain were mostly due to the climber’s fault. We cannot blame the mist and the mountain when anything bad happened to us on the mountain.

In relation to the mystical experiences, I just want to share with you a personal climber’s experiences. It maybe related to the mountain but it may not be. What is important here is to learn a lesson from the experience…

Ahhhh… My God. Bad news … After sending you an email last night, I suddenly felt some dull aching pain at my right waist, starting from 2am. I was rolling in bed, bearing the pain. It last until 4 am. I fall asleep after that when the pain ceased. When the pain started back at 6:30 am, I forced myself to go to Hospital Kulai…

I was examined by a medical assistant, and given an injection to alleviate the pain. He then asked me to rest for an hour, after which his urine and blood test results came back. At about 11am today… Oh my God … the world feels dark. Dr. Kenanga bte Abd Malek suspected that I have renal stone… most probably in the kidney. I have to do an x-ray this coming Wednesday. OMG….

I am writing this to you because I want to share the pain with you! I keep thinking on why I end up like this… Is it because I drank a lot of ginger tea, eating ox tail soup, drinking less plain water bla bla bla…

Opssss … Then I remembered that I had the intention to bring back a piece of rock from Low’s Peak when I get there. Perhaps the “mountain spirit” read my intention and want to give me a warning… not to do something with the mountain… I started to believe… Is this the reason?

Thank The Lord for the achievementAfter about a week, I got the following email:
Wonderful news. I went for an x-ray this morning… The doctor confirmed that I don’t have kidney stone. She only predict that I sustained minor renal injury. It’s just a bit weird that I didn’t pass out blood nor sandy materials in the urine. I am not really sure what had happened. I then made an appointment for an ultrasound scan from Johor Bahru Hospital.

Last night before I went to bed… I remembered about my intention to take some rocks from the mountain… Then I decided not to take any rock from the mountain back to Johor… I fast asleep then…

The result was stunning! X-ray findings this morning was really surprising!

Moral of the story:
Follow the rules of Sabah Park Authorities, in which one of them is don’t take anything back from the mountain (even a single rock). The mountain has its own ‘spirit’. Bad intentions will have bad results in return…

Do you have any strange experiences during your climbing trip? Share with us here!

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A self employed General Practitioner who lives with his lovely family in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He dedicates his spare time serving people with precious information on climbing the Majestic Mountain of the Borneo, Mt Kinabalu. Reachable at drizad(at)

11 thoughts on “Strange experiences and mystical belief of Mount Kinabalu?

  1. Murphy

    Wow, want to take a stone and almost end up having renal stone?

    So far I haven’t heard anything strange about the mountain (but a lot about the accommodation in the park).

  2. Raymond

    Hi Dr. Izad,
    I had an interesting experience when I climbed the mountain in Feb 2008.

    I was third in line of about 20 ppl climbing mountain from Laban Rata. Just before reaching the rock face before the Sayat-Sayat hut,my 2 frens in front of me asked me to overtake them as they were tired.

    As I started to climb the rock face, I assumed everyone else was behind me. I’m not sure what made me think that but I just had this subconcious feeling that there were ppl behind me.

    After about 20 mins, I reached the top of the rock face n turned around to see my frens. Guess what, there was no one behind me. My frens had all stopped before the rock face for a rest. I was quite taken aback and had to take a few seconds to calm down and start walking again. I had to wait for them at the Sayat-Sayat hut for about 20 mins for them to arrive.

    I still don’t know if it was just my tired mind playing tricks or if there was something supernatural there.;p

  3. KNizam

    yep better not to take anything from the jungle, sea or mountain. leave only footprints and take only photos. that’s what i have been reminded before entering any parks. đŸ™‚

  4. Marty

    Interesting read indeed which reminds me of an experience back in Dec 2007. I was with my students (16-17 years – old), young, excited and loud. Well what do you expect of youth when they are together. They were reminded by the guides at the beginning of the climb to respect the mountain and whatever that is there. In Islam it is even mentioned in Surah Al-Jinn about the presence of such beings and we are in cooexistence with them. respect is the only way to ensure harmony while believing in Allah that anything happens is his will. Anyway back to the experience, well at one of the resthouse in Laban Rata, I shall not mention which one for fear of frightening future climbers, the students were a bit noisy, laughing their heart out and making fun of one another. must have blatantly disregard the reminder. Well at night, the girls in this particular room couldn’t sleep as they were disturbed by a black figure and whisperings on their ears. Scared they moved into another room and bunked in there. Incidentally one of them came down with fever and could not complete the climb to the peak. I had to stay with her and accompany her all the way down to Timpohan. The story did not stop there. She was exceptionally quiet all the way down and all the way back home to Singapore. we informed her parents about her conditions and they took note thinking that it was just a normal fever due to exhaustion. Her uncle however noticed the drastic change in her behaviour and suspected something else. They brought her to see an ‘Uztaz’ and true enough he said ‘the thing’ which she might have offended must have followed her all the way home. With some prayers and the help of the ‘uztaz’ she recovered. She couldn’t really tell what happened but all she knew is that she felt she was not alone and that’s what made her afraid and quiet.

    Moral of the story:
    Yes, There are other beings in the mountain and anywhere else for that matter. It is always good to respect and be watchful of what we do and say in particular not only in social setting but also any other settings -alone or among crowd. We never know what we can offend in the process. Most importantly to me respect and understanding and praise God for all that exist and his creation. Subhanallah

    I am not really perturbed by this experience. I am going back there this June. Wiser hopefully by this experience and hopefully will be able to reach the peak this time round. Wish me luck!!

  5. Esther

    Hi there Dr Rizad. Like your blog. Thought I’d share my experience. It was in Aug 2007. You can say I have a pretty sensitive spirit (grandma was a bobohizan) and I felt the presence of a being beside me during my climb. Not till the peak but the first part . Maybe not as dramatic as the experience of the others but it was pretty eerie to have an invisible climbing partner!

    Have a great week!

  6. tanagnes

    hi Doctor,
    we have been to Gung KK 4 times, twice the occasions the pictures we downloaded from the camera into our PC, some showed faces on the rock.
    Mysterious, but we take it as what the local mountain guide tolsd us, Gunung KK is their ancestors’ resting place and we must respect it.

    How true it is to take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprint when we deal with ” natures”

    Of course we must take out the rubbish and not litters on mountains & the jungles

  7. Rakib

    Yup… we are living with other God creations… not to disturb them. As a Muslim, we must believe in that….

  8. Benazir Japiril Bandaran

    Once I climbed Mount Kinabalu for the third time, 24th December 2008, I was climbing down the mountain with my high-school friends and two guides, I experienced something that made me believe that Mount Kinabalu is a place where we should not mess around.

    While I was climbing down, I was really tired and kept on asking the guides how many hours till we reach Timpohon Gate. One of the guides told me to think of anything else to kill time. Then I thought about snakes.

    After a few minutes of walking, one of my friends told me to walk quickly. I did and as I turned back, I saw a snake walked passed behind me. I was shocked and my friend told me that the snake was about to bit my leg as it has already lifted its head. Fortunately, I had walked quickly when my friend asked me too.

    From that incident, I started to believe that Mount Kinabalu is a place where you should not mess around.

  9. Michael Chan

    No wonder the local Chinese call the mountain ?? (translated either “spiritual mountain”, “God’s mountain” or “mountain of spirits”).

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