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Mount Kinabalu is a source of free information to any adventure traveler and mountain climber, new or old, who wants to know how to conquer Mount Kinabalu without costing them a fortune.

However, running such a free service involves some expense. Hosting fees, bandwidth, web application license fees, database subscriptions, not to mention the countless hours I spend maintaining and updating this fabulous web site. This adds up to several thousands US dollars per year. Okay, not thousands, but hundreds, but it feels likes thousands sometimes.

If you’re interested in helping to support Mount Kinabalu, I would appreciate a donation of at least $7 US dollars. That’s only a fraction of the price you pay for any Mount Kinabalu climbing package!

In return for your donation, you will get access to instantly download a printable and easy-to-read PDF document containing a compilation of the most important Pre-Climbing and Climbing Day sections of Mount Kinabalu site. The content-laden ebook is less than 50 pages long with no annoying ads and it’s all yours with a small contribution.

Mount Kinabalu Exclusive Travel E-Guidebook

If you don’t have the time to read through all the tips and guidelines online, this PDF document is perfect for browsing the website offline. You can even print a hard copy of the document, refer it and take it with you during the climb.

Depending on how much you enjoyed this site and found it helpful to your journey, feel free to donate more. How ever much you feel this site is worth to you is all we ask for.

The PDF document is nicely formatted with a table of contents, page numbers, ad-free, and is easily readable and printable using a free tool, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Your contribution means I can continue to maintain and update the Web site and offer new features freely for everyone. Your gift today will prevent fellow newbie adventure travelers and mountain climbers from having to spend an arm and leg for Mount Kinabalu climbing information, tips and guidelines that is freely available here.

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