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After 6 months in absence, I managed to set up our new photo gallery for us to share our photo in this website. Now, I used a free software from 4homepages that comes with my webhosting services. It is one of the free software in Fantastico additional pack. The software is very small, less than 2MB, but it delivers a good photo gallery for you.

I did install a photo software before, but because I did not know about security at that time, I was a victim of hackers. They used the photo gallery to upload a .php files into the gallery and run a script that send spam email to more than 4000 receipients! With that, my website was also temporarily suspended by Exabytes, but after much appeal, they accept my justifications and get back my website in the net in less than 12 hours. After that, I become more careful on what software I installed in my website so that it won’t be another victim of hackers.

So, back to our photo gallery. GaneshC with his wife went to Mount Kinabalu in early August 2006 and they send me 99 photos of Mount Kinabalu that they take during the trip. It was really wet and rainy back then (you can see it from the photo that I put on the gallery). As a token of appreciation, I dedicated a folder special for his photos.

If you like your photo to be included in a special folder like GaneshC, just drop me an email and give me the title of the folder/categories. I will create one for you and you can upload your photo there.

Enjoy the photos. Oh, I also upload some of my photos!

Photo Gallery snapshot

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