Discover Eco-Treasures In Sabah, Borneo

Deep in our hearts, we all dream of a tropical heaven. Pure, Green, pristine. At the same time, unspoilt and untouched by the problems of modern life still.

Welcome to Sabah, the land of eco-treasures. Where you can climb to the awesome peak of the highest mountain in the region. Play with the orang utan, “the wild man of Borneo”, in the largest such sanctuary in the world.


Admire the rafflesia, the largest flower in the world in rainforests that are millions of years old. Dive into some of the world’s best underwater wonderlands.Where you also meet some of the friendliest, warmest people in the world. And join their colorful festivals and traditions that will take you back centuries.

If you yearn for the exhilirating sense of adventure, Sabah is the perfect place for jungle trekking, cave exploration, white-water rafting, mountain climbing or deep sea diving. Your taste for exotic culture will be more than sated by the numerous ethnic customs and celebrations which include living in longhouses and the potent rice wine called “lihiing”. You can of course just laze all day on a secluded beach or tee off in a championship golf course in any of the many world-renowned holiday resorts.

So why dream of eco-treasures when you can experience the wonders of it all. In Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

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