Don’t have $ to buy Photoshop? Try GIMP

Wilber - GIMP IconYou can easily get a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 here in Malaysia. I got mine for RM5 (less than USD2) from Petaling Street, few copies, few years back. However, most of the time, the installation DVD was corrupted, and the registration process was invalid. As I don’t have that much money to buy the original copy of CS2 (or even Elements), I decided to turn to open source for alternative. I found GIMP.

My experience with GIMP was also not a very good one. When I got the first installation copy from a bundle cd-rom of a computer magazine, it can’t even installed properly. I still remember, it was version 1.x, and it was about 2 years back. It was really buggy back then.
Over the years, it was really good for GIMP as it has evolved to become one of the most reliable application on photo editing. When the latest stable release of GIMP out (mine currently is 2.2.13), I have found that there are not much bug that could give me problem while using it. Million thanks to all the developers.

I would recommend GIMP for anybody who would like to have an options to their Photoshop. Get it here, for free:

p.s. Do you know that you can use your Adobe Photoshop plug-in in GIMP? 😉

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