Eastern Plateau Expedition 2015, Mount Kinabalu

We went up the Eastern Plateau of Kinabalu last weekend. Managed to shoot a lot of photos and some short videos.

For your information, I used Openshot video editor, an open source application in my Dell Ubuntu 14.04 laptop. Photos and videos was shot using a China made video cam, Action Cam RD990.

I hope you enjoy the video!

4 thoughts on “Eastern Plateau Expedition 2015, Mount Kinabalu

  1. Edna

    Hi Drizad.

    I’m Edna, I just read your article about the eastern plateau expedition. You are so luck to get the opportunity to explore the other side of the mountain. And your video is so great! I believe you guys climb to eastern plateau before the earthquake right? I was wondering is the route still accessible now? and who should I liaise with to get the permission to climb there? I know its from Sabah Parks but do you have the officer in charge contact? It would be great if you can share it to me, I would like to ask them few questions about the route.
    Apologize for the curiosity of mine. I am really keen to explore the other climbing route to Mt. Kinabalu summit. I have climbed the mountain many times now but from the normal route (from Timpohon gate). I wish I can explore the other routes though. And one last question, have you ever tried climbing from Melangkap route?

    Thanks for reading my comment, looking forward to your reply.

    p/s: love reading your blog!


  2. drizad Post author

    Hello Edna,
    Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we climbed Kinabalu in January 2015, about 5 months before the earthquake. I have contacted the authority, and said that the route is inaccessible right now, because it is blocked by rocks from the landslide. An I don’t think they will be able to reopen the route anytime soon, same as Mesilau route. I have never tried climbing from Melangkap route, as it also need special clearance from Sabah Parks to climb.

    Thank you very much for your interest.

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