Email from our friend, Calvin

I received an email from one of our friend, who went to Sabah and spend some good time here. We managed to know each other from Mount Kinabalu, and Calvin is generous enough to share with us his moment there by sending me a photo of his team. This is the email that he send to me.

Hi Ruhaizad,

I sure did enjoyed my trip. Well, the closest thing i have to a proper camera is my hp-cam; so photo qualities are quite sub-par. Will be attaching a picture of us getting ready from some rafting action at Kiulu, shot by a friend using a digital slr; rather large in size though. I’m the guy to the right of the rafting guide in the photo.

Well, it was quite a thrilling ride, being a first timer & non-swimmer i did not really know what to expect (half-expecting to be tossed into the waters at every rapid, like in TV), but i had a great time indeed. Heard Padas is better. Will be looking forward to that for my next trip. I do blog a little, to amuse myself; i’m not so much of a good story teller though.

Read your blog, you (& your wife) looked great in the unique wedding photo!


Kiulu White Water Rafting - by Calvin

Thank you, Calvin! Well, if you want your story and photo in here, just drop me an email!

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