Eyesore views at Mount Kinabalu

See it for yourself. Thank you Ganesh from Singapore with all these pics. I really appreciate your effort. The photos was taken just less than a week ago.

Mount Kinabalu The abandoned projects just above Layang-layang Hut.

Mount Kinabalu
See all the damage? Looks like a rubbish dump to me.
Mount Kinabalu
Caused by one of the seven human deadly sins – GREED.

Mount Kinabalu This is the Mesilau Route -Summit Trail junction. I was really sad when I saw this.

Mount Kinabalu

Hopefully you will not be the one who do this.

Mount Kinabalu Mesilau-Summit Trail junction, where you can see all those mess.

If you are planning to climb Mount Kinabalu soon, try to take some photos of this place. Email me the photos and I will put on this blog so that we can share with adventure lovers and travelers around the world. Spread out the message of how greedy people can do to our Mother Earth. Hopefully, if our voices is loud enough, THEY can hear us and repair all the damages that has been done.

Thanks Ganesh for your photos! I put a watermark of your email on every pics!

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5 thoughts on “Eyesore views at Mount Kinabalu

  1. poisonliz2

    WOwee so terrible now at Layang Layang. In May 2006 the whole area was covered up with canvas. Now it\’s so dirty and lots of rubbish. The contractor should properly clean up even though the project is scrapped off for the time being. Let\’s hope the Sabah government will continue on with the project. It will be good for some climbers who cannot reached the top to rest here and then climb down the next day.

  2. Jerry

    I feel so sad looking at the pictures but gladly i heard that the Sabah Park are clearing it now. I went up for a climb last Feb 14, 2007 and its getting better but still there are some messes here and there. But i’m still going up again next December! Can’t wait!

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