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I think it is about time for me to look for a good file backup service, as my notebook hard disk is getting full and all my important folder on Mount Kinabalu website is increasing in size. I never take this “back up your files” matters seriously, until Aiden told me that his PC blow itself out because of a nasty Trojan. I don’t want the same thing happen to me, as I still intermittently use Windows to do my daily computer task (I told you I use Xandros).

I came across IDrive-E Explorer – a “leading online backup service provider” which also offers encrypted online backup for free up to 2GB! I dont know what to expect, as I never use one before. Thinking that I have nothing to loose, I tried their FREE services.

IDrive-EAfter downloading the 7MB file on my notebook, the installation of the executable file runs smoothly. The application will then act as a virtual drive, and it will connect itself to the IDrive-E server. File transfer is done as easy as “drag and drop” style with Explorer interface (Windows XP). The files that you are working with will be transferred to the server, by using a secure key with a user supplied password known only to the end user. IDrive-E uses industry standard AES 256-bit encryption on storage ideally suited for higher security needs of Financial, Healthcare and Government organizations. That will make sure that your files can only be viewed by you!

I upload my ‘public_html’ folder up the server, which house ALL my Mount Kinabalu HTML files, including the pictures and subfolders inside. After finished doing that, I felt really releived, knowing that if anything happened to the folder in my notebook, I can rely on IDrive-E to retreive my website!

Only one reminder. IDrive-E application is designed to perform backup operations from a single computer and not from multiple computers. Please note that you can perform restore operations from multiple computers using IDrive-E. This is to maintain the consistency and to preserve the integrity of backups. Users are requested to install IDrive-E on a machine and use only that machine to perform backups. If users really want to perform backup operations from another computer, they have to install IDrive-E on that computer and re-register the application.

Oh, if you think that 2GB storage is puny, paid IDrive-E $4.95/month or $49.50/ year (and get 2 months free) for unlimited amount of storage.

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