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Most of us know that Kinabalu is one of the World’s Heritage Site that is situated in Borneo island. Do you know that Mulu, which is situated in the state of Sarawak, in the same island of Borneo, is also a World’s Heritage Site?

Mulu, or Gunung Mulu, (gunung means Mount in Malay), like Kinabalu was successfully listed as a World Heritage site in November 2000.

Mulu meets all four of these:-

Earth’s history and geological features
… Mulu’s concentration of caves, its geomorphic and structural characteristics are an outstanding resource, which allows a greater understanding of Earth’s history.

Ecological Processes
… Mulu provides outstanding scientific opportunities to study theories on the origins of cave faunas.

Superlative natural phenomena or natural beauty and aesthetic importance
… Mulu has outstanding scenic values, including the natural phenomenon of millions of bats and swiftlets leaving and entering the caves is a superlative wildlife spectacle.

Biodiversity and threatened species
… Mulu provides significant natural habitat for a wide range of plant and animal diversity both above and below ground.

Sounds similar like Kinabalu, but Mulu have extra caves…

I was surfing around the net, when I stumbled into RealTravel Blog, a free travel blog services by RealTravel, an online travel guide and trip planner powered by advice from real travelers. I read about Gunung Mulu by Kyle & Dan, travelers to the other World’s Heritage Site in Borneo. Their travel blog entry was picked by RealTravel Blog Editor as one of the best travel blog entry and was featured on RealTravel Blog main page.

Deer Cave, Mulu National ParkI saw a very familiar photo on Mulu somewhere else, but it did not interest me until I really look at it attentively. The famous entrance to Deer Cave in Mulu – which one should be able to spot a human like figure, or specifically, an important American historical figure. Do you know that Deer Cave is one of the cave which have millions of bats that can be seen leaving for their nightly dinner and hunting – and this also fits the criteria to be chosen as one of the World Heritage Site?

Thinking of going for a caving session in Mulu? Then you should read Kyle & Dan’s entry!

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