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I have started running since 2013, after sustaining knee injuries that prevented me from playing football in 2012. I have been running more than a thousand kilometers – on roads and trails – from the shortest distance with my kids of 3km to running a climbathon 23km up and down Mount Kinabalu with the elite runners since then. I love running very much. I run for my health from my heart. It sounds crazy sometimes for some, but I think I was bitten by the so called “runner’s bug” and I have to admit that “runner’s high” is real.

This year however, I would love to take my trail running/mountain climbing passion to a different level. I will now run to raise funds for the needful. I have selected three big running/mountain climbing events which will be held here in Sabah, mainly around Mount Kinabalu for this kind of charity and fundraising event. The three big events are:

1) Salt Trail: Trek & Raise Funds for MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter on 16-17 May 2015
2) MAKNA Mount Climb for Cancer on 1-4 June 2015
3) Coalition Duchenne Mount Kinabalu Challenges on 7-9 August 2015

For my first fundraising event, I am planning to run the Salt Trail: Trek & Raise Funds 2 to raise fund for MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter with my wife. MERCY Malaysia is a non-profit organization which aspires to excel in medical relief, providing humanitarian services with the highest level of compassion, professionalism and care. Their mission is to provide humanitarian services in crisis or non-crisis situation irrespective of race, religion and boundary.

Salt Trail Trek & Treat Mission

Salt Trail Trek & Treat Mission

Laluan Garam Jungle TrekkingVillageVillageVillageVillageVillageVillageVillageMedical TeamDental TeamMedical CampMERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter has been organizing medical and dental missions all over interior of Sabah since 2003. Most of their missions are in collaboration with other organization. One of their mission is Salt Trail: Trek and Treat. Crocker Range which is organized together with Sabah Parks and Partners of Community Organization Trust (PACOS Trust). This year the three organizations will organize the 11th Salt Trail: Trek & Treat, Crocker Range Mission. MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter would like to commemorate this collaboration by organizing “Salt Trail: Trek & Raise Funds 2”.

Salt Trail Challenges 2015Their mission is really close to my heart as I love serving the interior community and people of Sabah. I actually had involve in few other groups of non-profits organization providing free medical services to the interior and remote community of Sabah since 2001. I even have contracted malaria when I was serving the people in Pulau Banggi. Serving others who are in need of basic medical service have made me very thankful to what I have right now.

Salt Trail Challenges 2014This time my role is slightly different. I am running the second MERCY Malaysia’s Salt Trail: Trek & Raise Funds trail running to raise fund for them. The fund will be spent on conducting health promotion and services for communities in Sabah and to continue the development and improvement of health education to the communities through research and other evidence based strategies.

The Salt Trail is a route traditionally followed by villagers when taking their produce to the tamu (markets) on the west coast of Sabah, and returning with salt and other goods. It is still the only access route to the remote villagers in one of this Sabah Park, especially in upper Papar river and Tambunan area. Although the trail does not includes climbing Mount Kinabalu, the mountain will always be inside the event as the background scene that will color up our photos.

My wife and meFor me and my wife to be entitled to join the grueling 25.5km Salt Trail: Trek & Raise Fund of Sabah, we have to raise a minimum of RM1200 for both of us. We need your help!

Please join me in making a donation to MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter to support us and this great cause. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by Malaysian law.

With your help, I know we can make a difference for thousands of children, families and adults in our interior community of Sabah who will have their lives change by MERCY Malaysia medical and dental missions this year. Your donation, no matter how big or small is very valuable to them.

As a token of appreciation, I will list all the donor to this project in this blog’s Hall of Fame, for their contribution to the humanity. The top three donors will also receive a very special gift from us.

Thank you for your generosity. I hope I can count on you. This donation drive will end on 30th March 2015. Please click “Donate” button below, and Paypal (credit and debit card accepted) will handle the rest.

Thank you very much.

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