How fast your blog upload?

Our blog have a lot of plugins (especially WordPress), widgets, theme, graphics, bells, whistle, advertisement and javascript installed. Have we ever test how long does our blog to upload? If we follow the 8-second rule, (the old Web 1.0 webmaster rule), if our website fail to load on the visitors browser within 8 seconds, the visitors will almost always turns away. Some search engine will have time out in 30 seconds. Loading time over 24 seconds looses 40% of potential viewers due to impatience!. It will then of course reduce our availability of ‘monetizing’ our blog with them, especially if we highly depends on Adsense or affiliate products.

The problem is also prominent after I installed Nuffnang and Advertlets ads on my blog. Both local Malaysian blogger-advertiser platform use javascript to serve the ads on my website. After installing both of them, I found out that it kind of slows down my blog uploads, especially if they serve an ad. It is not so obvious (the slowness) if they do not have any ads.


Submit Plus! Load Test resultTo estimate how long our website loads, one of the tool that I use is from Submit Plus! Free Load Test, a free indexing services that will measure how long your website/blog load. You can also try using their tool below:

Load Test - Submit Plus

Load Test – Enter URL (60 sec):

My result:

Submit Plus! Load Test result


  1. As you can see, the 5 biggest file that hog your upload process are mostly photos and pictures. 2 Blogmastermind banners and 3 images – makes about 53% of page size.
  2. 2 links script from PayPerPost, Google Adsense script and Advertlets script – makes it another 19% of the page size. All top 10 hogger makes it up to 72% of your page size, i.e. only left you with 28% for your content???
  3. If you notice, Advertlets script (no. 10) loads slower that Nuffnang (no. 26) because Advertlets serve me an ad while Nuffnang was not. So, it is not a good way to compare their script load (unless both serve me an ad).
  4. The next 10 hogger are the scripts, codes and advertisements in my sidebars!!!
  5. Luckily I picked the right theme. As their files are mostly very small, they loads very fast. So, my blog slowness is NOT directly contributed by wrong theme. (theme uploads starting from number 22)
  6. The plugin that hog my upload is UTW.

What you can do:

  1. Tweak your script to ditch the unnecessary images, bells and whistle.
  2. Download and install Throttle plugin for WordPress.
  3. Content is king. Write more valuable post to get your visitors stick on and comeback to your blog.

My two cents:

Okay, okay… I have edited my Blogmastermind image to make it smaller. How’s your blog upload?

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