How much does earn from donations?

I have never revealed how much I earned from donations to my main website, It has been running for the past 2 years, when I received my first donation on September 16, 2006 from a visitor from Thailand, Kamolwan Chongsrichan.

Since then, the website has been self paid by the donation money, i.e. I don’t have to fork out my own money to pay for its hosting. The webhosting fee is RM254 per year with Exabytes.

Do you want to know how much I earned on average for that 2 years time? Okay, let me just thank these 73 people who have donated their money to the website. I also put their name on the first page of, as their name deserve to be there:

  1. Robert Nash
  2. Maria Szymczyk
  3. (Chinese name character which I could not find the translation)
  4. Susan Falconer
  5. Asmah Yassin
  6. John-Paul Cusack
  9. William Baird
  10. Cleve Rynehart
  11. Siti Khadijah Jaaffar
  12. Julian Bode
  13. Luke Falvey
  14. Ally Spiers
  15. Zoe Gapper
  16. Rhys Arkins
  17. Becky Sundling
  18. Pang Sheue Fong
  19. Sarah Bte Aly Shun
  20. Mikko Manninen
  21. Mae Foon Wong
  22. Jan Kristian Rasmussen
  23. Jenny Dalrymple
  24. Fong Vins
  25. Young Catherine
  26. Adam Zubairi
  27. Matthew Leverett
  28. Bill Cohen
  29. Norman Brown
  30. Emy Castro
  31. Christoph Theisinger
  32. Scott McKinney
  33. Juneta Ideriyan
  34. Bob Pressey
  35. Norul Maslissa Ahmad
  36. Naveen Peter
  37. Mazlan Mastan
  38. Christoph Garditz
  39. Charles Warner
  40. Lily Lam
  41. Ainul Khalidah Idura
  42. Rob de Groot
  43. Gillian Anderson
  44. Simone Lehmann
  45. Francis Seynaeve
  46. Ian Vickridge
  47. Ismail bin Md Yatim
  48. Klaas Bart de Raad
  49. Sarah Hucker
  50. Adam Helman
  51. Bob Packard
  52. Robert Woodwall
  53. Kevin Christie
  54. Ng Alan
  55. Magnus Bertilsson
  56. Vince Jenkins
  57. Pik Kei Yuen
  58. John Simpson
  59. Anne Piyared Puthikarun
  60. Yong Chen Hui
  61. David Pieribone
  62. Guy Smeets
  63. Grant Knisely
  64. Jeevan Prasad Chandriah
  65. Anh Minh Le
  66. Mak Kai Kin
  67. Marilou Tan
  68. Keith Grunow
  69. Tan Suan Bee
  70. Gerd Islei
  71. Ismail Muaharan
  72. Kamolwan Chongsrichan
  73. Terence Neo

Lets calculate together:
(a) Minimum donation for the PDF copy of the ebook is USD7. It means; USD7x73=USD511 for 2 years.
(b) For 1 year, the donations would be USD511/2=USD255.50 (around RM860 per year)
(c) On average per month, USD255.50/12=USD21.29, i.e. or about 3 donors per month.

Although on average visitors donate USD7, there are donors who donate USD10 and USD15. In one special occasion, Adam Helman donated USD300!!!

What was the secret that they want to donate their hard earn money?

Provide them ‘value’ for their donation. Putting a donation button with “Please donate for my Nikon D40 fund” is not a good move as it sounds self-centered. That sentence shows that the potential donors will not earn anything by donating. If you look closely, it’s a win-loose situation.

But if you provide value to the donors like for example a PDF copy of the website that I give out without the ads, easy reading and printability, donors will want to donate, as they will get something for their donations. It’s a win-win situation.

Try doing that to your website and blogs. You may be surprise that there are people out there who are looking for something that you have, in which, you may give it with a small donations.

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  1. Lorna

    I’m sure the donors will also agree that you’re providing value for money with your PDF book. I’m lucky I don’t have to fork out money for hosting — I’m sponsored by my hosting provider which is a subsidiary of Exabytes 🙂

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