How to get Kinabalu Blog updates easily

There are 3 ways that you can use to get updates from Kinabalu Blog.

  1. The old way – by opening your browser and click on your bookmark where Kinabalu Blog situated. It may be easy if Kinabalu Blog is the only website that you bookmarked, but I doubt that is the case. If you have 10 favorites blog or websites, then you may have to open 10 tabs which can take ages for them to load. A slow way.
  2. The new way – by using RSS. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a faster way for you to get updates from Kinabalu Blog. Look for this sign: RSS , on any website or blog that you like. Clicking the icon will leads you to the ‘Subscribe to Feed’ page of the blog or website. By subscribing to the site’s RSS, you don’t have to go to the website or blog to get the updates, but the updates will come to you. You can either direct the updates to:
    1. Your Feed Reader. I found a simple video explanation about subscribing the RSS feed via feed reader here:

      After finished watching the video, don’t forget to click at the RSS icon in the sidebar!
    2. Your email. Just enter your email address in the “Subscribe via RSS” column in the sidebar. Feedburner, the feed manager, will email you with daily updates of Kinabalu Blog.

Hopefully the updates from my blog can really promote Sabah as one of your travel destination, and Mount Kinabalu as one of your once-a-lifetime journey!

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