How to get to Kinabalu Park HQ from Kota Kinabalu using Google Maps

After seeing the popularity of my “Kota Kinabalu City Map” post, I got an idea on a new post about going to Kinabalu Park from Kota Kinabalu only by using Google Maps.

It has been a while since I last review Google Maps, and the last time I tried to use it (maybe few years ago), the map that they present was not precise at all. It was almost impossible to use it as a guide for foreign travelers around the world to get to Kinabalu Park.

However, when I did another review of Google Maps today, there were A LOT of improvements. I could even see the details of the lane in front of my house using it!!!

So, I decided to make it an effort to post about how to get to Kinabalu Park using just Google Maps from Kota Kinabalu. I was very surprised that you CAN get to Kinabalu Park without the need of Sabah & Kota Kinabalu 2004/2005 Map (Periplus Travel Maps)(it’s outdated also) from!

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Click and drag the map with your mouse. Click the balloon tips for more info.

Follow the Blue Balloon Tips!

  1. We will start from Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2, where Airasia is. Most of budget backpackers and travellers board Asia’s leading low cost carrier. You can always rent a car from the airport terminal, as there are many providers there.
  2. Drive out from the airport, until you reach a T-junction of Jalan Mat Salleh. Turn right.
  3. Drive straight and take 12 o’clock position road at Tanjung Aru roundabout.
  4. When you reach another traffic light, turn left to Coastal Highway or Jalan Coastal, and you should be able to see Sutera Harbour Resort on your left. Drive straight through Kota Kinabalu city.
  5. Just follow Jalan Tun Razak until you reach Jesselton Point or Kota Kinabalu jetty, and take left turn at the roundabout of Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen. You should be able to see Sabah Port on your left, and soon, the South China Sea.
  6. You should arrive at a roundabout, and should be able to see Sabah State Mosque (white colour) on your far right. Take the 3 o’clock turn and drive straight at the next roundabout.
  7. Take left turn at the T-junction traffic light and another left turn on the Jalan Lintas-Inanam traffic light.
  8. You should be on A1 highway (on the map) and this is one of the trunk road in Sabah. Google is good enough to declare it as a main road, and it has ease our problem getting on it.
  9. Just follow the road for about 20 minutes, until you see a big roundabout that leads to north and west of Sabah. Take the 3 o’clock turn to go through Tamparuli, you should pass through a metal bridge. You are now on A4 highway (another Sabah main road), and this is one of the road to western part of Sabah (Sandakan, Tawau and Lahad Datu).
  10. Just go straight on the roundabout, and you will start driving uphill and winding road. Enjoy the journey and scenery.
  11. Stop by Pekan Nabalu if you want, as you have only about 12 km away from Kinabalu Park HQ.
  12. You should be able to see a very big signage of Kinabalu Park HQ, just after you turn left into the entrance booth.
  13. Happy climbing.
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2 thoughts on “How to get to Kinabalu Park HQ from Kota Kinabalu using Google Maps

  1. Jacky Yong

    Interesting, just wanna know. What kind of car is suitable to drive up the mountainous range of Kinabalu? Will a manual Iswara be sufficient to drive, let’s say a group of 4 adults including the driver?

  2. drizad

    Hi Jacky,
    Iswara manual is okay for you to drive up the road from Kota Kinabalu tu Kundasang, the foothill of Kinabalu. It’s just that you may have to use more energy changing gear and clutch during the journey.


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