How to put your WordPress RSS feed to a HTML website

I have a HTML website about climbing Mount Kinabalu. I also have a WordPress blog, (I use it as an update and news pages) which I blog almost every other day to update the reader on Kinabalu.

My intention now is trying to highlight my recent 5 entries in the blog into my website,, so that there will be some “freshness” of the content on the website (means that parsing the WordPress RSS feed to fit in my HTML homepage). It will also show my visitor the latest update in the blog. Google knows the website more than the blog because I have optimized my website to be rank high in Google SERP. In other way, it is also a good way to promote the blog. For the past few weeks, I have been Googling around for the perfect script to do the job: parsing the latest 5 entries of my blog on the homepage of my website using the RSS feed that WordPress have.

RSS feed parser (PHP script) in actionThere are a lot of RSS to HTML parser around, but I could not find the perfect one to do the job, until I found Suttree, which has a small PHP script that was easily manage and can do the job quite well.

However, I found out that there is some issues with the PHP script parsing my Kinabalu Blog feed. As I have installed a Feedburner plugin for my WordPress blog, it seems that the HTML page that it creates produced a lot of gibberish characters and “artifact”. It was not parsing properly.

Until I found out that there was an update on the script that could tidy up the HTML presentation of the RSS feed on your website. t3h GeeK ZonE hacked the script politely and strip it nicely, so that it has become really puny and do the job better than the previous one. Although there is still some funny characters that you can see, but it is way better than the first one. Oh, it also could not produce the date of the post. I don’t mind that.

If you would like to see the how does the script work, please feel free to go to my homepage. The PHP script parse my WordPress RSS feed and add a nice latest 5 entries of my blog in the right sidebar. Check it out!

The installation of the script was also easy. Unzip the downloaded file, edit the rss.php file, and upload the file into your root directory of your server. Call the PHP script from your HTML page by inserting [include(“rss.php”);] in the table where you like to put the fresh new content from the blog.

Good luck!

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