I have not shown you my photos…

I posted 6 photo-blog post on Special Olympic Mt. Kinabalu Challenge for the past few weeks, but I did not have my own photos included. Oh, I also did not introduce to you the medical team that went up the mountain, volunteering for the health and safety aspects of the athletes.

I don’t know about you, but for me, going up there for the 5th time, there were nothing special about the mountain and me. It was more of the athletes and the mountain. When you walk side by side with these athletes, and seeing their special gift from God, you will feel really thankful to Him, by not having any disability.

Anyway, these are my photos, and this is the last post on the event.Special Olympic

The medical team: (From left) Dr. Ahmad Tarmizi, Dr. Loriot, Dr. Azlan, Dr. Hanafiah, me, Dr. Sakinah & Dr. Azuan. Dr. Liaw (the medical team leader) is not in the photo, as he was giving the briefing while this photo was taken.

Special Olympic

Early morning, before we started our journey. Photo was taken from Bundu Tuhan Retreat Center.

Special Olympic

I tore my right knee meniscus few months back while playing football. That is why I wore an open cap knee-guard to support it. It helped a lot!

Special Olympic

Laban Rata resthouse. The temperature is only 8.4 degree Celcius.

Special Olympic

Going down Kinabalu with my Crocs-like Asadi sandal and my hiking pole.

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  1. ryanne

    8.4 degree Celcius?
    Oh my God, will it be enough for just wearing a windbreaker like that? It is just like winter in MAlaysia πŸ˜‰

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