I Love Mt. Kinabalu

Another email that makes me feel “the warmth of giving” inside. This email from Andrea Lau was received on May 8…

Hi! Ruhaizad. I just back from Sabah last Saturday. It’s was a great x 100 experience. We finally manage to reach the summit of Mt. Kinabalu although it was a tough journey. I totally can’t sleep the night when we stay at Laban Rata because of too excited and tired. Thanks to our great Mt. guide Mr. Lazarus, he helps us a lot especially the next early morning. We nearly freeze along the way to summit because of bad weather (raining), but luckily the sky turned brighter and we had the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and a full view of this great Mt. Kinabalu.

Unfortunately i didn’t see the ‘sacrifice pool’ on the way down, but my friends did because Mr. Lazarus told me to descent first as i walked too slow. So i have no idea where is the ‘sacrifice pool’ ha…ha..

I saw people collecting rubbish along the way, and i remember what i saw in your blog pictures that the way to Laban Rata looked like a dumping area, but now is very clean. By the time, i was excited and i said to myself :” Oh! I need to tell Ruhaizad this good news.” Ha..ha..ha..

It was truly amazing experience, and i promise myself i will be back.


For Andrea, thank you for your email. I really appreciate it.

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