I received my Platinum Visa Debit Card from E*Trade

I received 3 parcels from FedEx couple of days back, which was separately loaded with 2 Platinum Visa Debit Card and 1 PIN number. I was really surprised, as I expect to receive the parcels in a month. But E*Trade send it in just 5 days!!!

I load USD4.50 on my E*Trade brokerage account from PayPal before I requested them to send me the card. It seems that the regulation for you to have USD1000 in the account before you can get the card is not quite correct. You CAN get the card although you only have less than USD10 in the account.

Next, the activation phase. It seems the toll free number that E*Trade give us is not valid if you call from Malaysia. AT&T could not connect you to E*Trade’s card activation personnel although E*Trade claimed that the call that we made from Malaysia is free. They even mentioned to me that I may have to bear the cost of calling to activate the account from E*Trade.

Hmmm… I was thinking of having an iTalk prepaid card from TM to make the call, as it will be cheaper to call to US from Sabah. It took me 2 hours to realize that I can make the call for free – with Skype! I know, it is silly for me to uninstall Skype few months back, but knowing that it will cost me nothing to call from my notebook to US, I installed the old version of Skype from my software archive folder. Well, although it is not the latest one, I still can make the call, and the activation of my Platinum Visa Debit Card from E*Trade took only 10 seconds! Gosh! That was really, really fast! Oh, it did not cost me anything also!

Next, would be the moment of truth. To make sure my platinum card IS activated and working. Yesterday, I drop by HSBC ATM on my way to the clinic. Guess what? The card in working fine! However, it only showed USD3.70, not USD4.70 as stated in my internet account. That was strange.

But anyway, I am quite happy to know that I have an option to suck out all my money from PayPal through E*Trade. I will try to cash out small amount of money first, before I go for the bigger one.

Wait for my findings…

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4 thoughts on “I received my Platinum Visa Debit Card from E*Trade

  1. jimmychin

    hello, may i know how long this application approved?
    since i have send the application to etrade one month ago…
    etrade received my mail at 30th april but until now still no news at all?
    so may i know how long u received their parcel…? etrade contact u when received ur application?


  2. drizad

    I did not know how long they take to approve my application. I know it only after I received an email newsletter, saying that I am one of their client. I then contacted them – but only their branch in Hong Kong. They gave me the account number and I can log in and manage the account.

    I didn’t bother to apply the debit card straight away, but it only took 5 days for the card to arrive (Fedex send it) after the application.

  3. ren


    can you share a step by step procedure on how you apply for your etrade account?


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