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If you have been into internet marketing long enough, I bet you must have heard about Rich Schefren. I downloaded his latest report on Attention Age Doctrine. It really blew up my mind when I read about:

  1. How most of internet marketers failed nowadays NOT because of lack of information, but because of OVERLOADED and CONFUSED with all the information that are available in the internet.
  2. All the rules of business growth, marketing effectiveness and personal performance HAVE CHANGED with the birth of ATTENTION ECONOMY.
  3. Why the Information Age is ALREADY OVER.
  4. Why trying to keep up with the latest information will only keep us DUMBER.
  5. How to THRIVE with information overload.
  6. Why people are getting DUMBER with each new technology release.
  7. What is INTERRUPTION AGE as compared with COMMUNICATION AGE?
  8. Too Many Options Will Paralyze, Delude, Waste Time & Disappoint us.

The other reason why I really interested with Rich’s report is that I saw my mentor’s name, Yaro Starak as one of his student. I am a registered member of Yaro’s Blogmastermind, which I joined couple of weeks back.

For your information, Yaro’s Blogmastermind membership program is a learning class for BLOGGERS who have the vision of becoming a “Professional Blogger” (like Darren Rowse), and how to treat BLOGGING AS A BUSINESS.

If you have a blog and want to get the most out of your blog, I really recommend you to download FREE Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint and better still, join his mentoring and teaching class with Blogmastermind. It worth every penny.

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