Kinabalu Blog Book Table of Contents

The Kinabalu Blog Book is on the way of production. After a lot of considering, I have selected 27 timeless posts from this blog to be included in the book. I have categorized it into 4 main chapters:

  1. Travelers Tips
  2. Medical & Emergencies
  3. Climbing Equipments
  4. Via ferrata

I selected the post in which will show you how you can actually tweak your preparation before the climbing, so that you will have more knowledge and hopefully minimizing the risk of not being able to get to the highest peak of Borneo. At the same time, I hope the post will made your journey more enjoyable.

Travelers Tips

  • Post #1: Kinabalu National Park HQ Trail Map
  • Post #2: Weather issue: When is the best time to go to Mount Kinabalu?
  • Post #3: Ten FAQ on Mount Kinabalu mountain guides
  • Post #4: Jungle Adventure tips on Kinabalu Park Mountain Trail
  • Post #5: Ten ways to save your money while backpacking in Kota Kinabalu
  • Post #6: Five things you should taste before you leave Kinabalu
  • Post #7: Mount Kinabalu climbing tips for children
  • Post #8: Climbing Mount Kinabalu – From a Muslim’s perspective
  • Post #9: Eastern Plateau of Kinabalu – Alternative climbing route for hardcore climbers

Medical and Emergencies

  • Post #10: Don’t forget your travel medical insurance
  • Post #11: Air ambulance for emergency evacuation on Mount Kinabalu?
  • Post #12: Rhodiola Rosea – Herbal remedy for acute mountain sickness
  • Post #13: Anti-malarial medication for travelers to interior of Sabah
  • Post #14: Five medications you should have for your climbing trip
  • Post #15: First Aid kit for your Mount Kinabalu climbing trip
  • Post #16: How to treat blister during your climbing trip
  • Post #17: Nine most common injuries to climbers of Kinabalu

Climbing Equipments

  • Post #18: Hiking pole and walking stick for your Kinabalu climb
  • Post #19: Flashlight for your Kinabalu climb
  • Post #20: Climbing gloves for Mount Kinabalu climbers
  • Post #21: Altimeter watch buying guide for your climbing trip up Kinabalu
  • Post #22: How to choose a climbing backpack for your Kinabalu trip
  • Post #23: How to choose a good hiking sandals for your trip to Kinabalu
  • Post #24: Shoes and gears for Mount Kinabalu Climbathon Skyrunners

Via Ferrata

  • Post #25: Mount Kinabalu via ferrata adventure FAQ
  • Post #26: Five provided equipments for your Mount Kinabalu via ferrata adventure
  • Post #27: Mountaintorq via ferrata trip preparation notes

If you have any more suggestion, I am glad to hear it.

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