Kinabalu Blog (Part II) Podcast Interview by Steven Wong

This is the second part of an interview by Steven Wong, a re known Malaysian Internet Marketer with this blog. If you have not heard the first part, you can get it here.

These are the questions that Steven asked me on this podcast:

  1. In your opinions, why do the people kept coming to your site and what are the methods you use to make your blog sticky? Sticky mean make the visitors keep coming back to your blog.
  2. Can you share one or two secrets that apply to your blog? What are the tips you can share with us about blogging?

Apart from that, we also discussed some other stuff, which we think relevant for every aspiring bloggers:

  1. About ‘bad neighborhood blogs’ and ‘bad neighborhood bloggers’, and how to deal with them.
  2. Our views on Timothy (Nuffnang) and Josh (Advertlets).
  3. Problems with “information overload” and how to tackle the problems.
  4. Blogs that I read almost everyday.

The program that I mentioned in the interview was Blog Mastermind, an online teaching program by Yaro Starak for bloggers who wants to go to the next step of becoming a good blogger – a professional blogger. With monthly USD77, the program will drive your blog into an A-class blog, way beyond the ordinary blogs around the blogosphere.

I personally recommend this program for all aspiring bloggers – newbie or expert – to join, as it has immense information and extraordinary lessons on how to become a professional blogger. You may find the price is high, but I must tell you that it is worth every cent. Just use you Paypal money that you earn from your paid post to ‘invest’ in this program. I will see you around in the members forum area when you have joined.


You can also download the mp3 file from here (16MB).

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