Kinabalu Blog updates – II

For the past few days, I managed to do some clean ups and updates on this blog. I have been neglecting this blog for almost 6 months, in which partly was due to my hectic schedule and some* laziness. I am really sorry for that matter.

During those 6 months hiatus, my spirit of fighting for the climbers right to get a cheaper package to climb was also slowly worn off. It seems that our cry fall on deaf ears. Thanks to one of our loyal reader and supporter, Pau Kar Liau, there is a cause in facebook that is voicing out this issue. At this moment, I can see that there are more than 5000 supporters have been registered. Thank you very much for supporting! If you still have not sign up with us, please do so here. It may be the least that you can do.

At one time when my spirit was really low, I decided to sell off this website and blog. I feel there is nothing more we can do to get SSL to help us lighten the burden of the climbers from paying sky high for a climb. Selling my website may be a simple way out, but I don’t think it’s a wise decision.

That is why I leave the website & blog in hiatus for about 6 months, while I busy compiling and editing my upcoming book. It’s harder than I think it was.

Because I love the mountain, I decided NOT to sell this website & blog. And I decided that “Kinabalu Blog” book MUST be published.

Because I have a dream.

Whatever happens, this blog and website must move on. Although we cannot do anything with the pricing structure from Sutera Sanctuary Lodge, I think I still can tell our visitors how unique Kinabalu is. How beautiful it is during sunrise. And how hard it is to climb. Using this blog and using this website.

That is why the book idea came out. Not all visitors can read all the best blog post from this blog at one visit.

By compiling the blog in a book, you can get my best publication on your hand.

With more than 3k email newsletter subscribers, I don’t think I do justice by not giving them the best out of this blog, inspired by the majestic mountain of Borneo.

For those who wants to know what happened technically at the background, this would be it:

  • Upgraded my WordPress blog engine from 2.7.1 (archaic) to 2.9.2. Some of the plugins broke the theme, but I managed to fix it. I also saw some funny scripts running around while logging in with 2.7.1. Most probably security has been breached. I am now feeling more secured with the latest engine.
  • Migrating my email newsletter subscriber from phplist to aweber. phplist has been really useful to me for the past 4 years, but when my list got bigger, the exabytes server doesn’t seems to be happy with it sending 3k email in one go. I am in a process of migrating the list to aweber, a paid and more professional email marketing manager. Hopefully it can cope with the increasing number of subscribers, and I need their service to help on promoting my book.
  • With the book on the way, I am going to let go the archaic website PDF in ebook. I may give it out as a free gift when you buy the “Kinabalu Blog” book. It felt funny reading my own writings years ago.
  • With the help from Stephanie Teo of Summerlodge Tours, I managed to also help visitors who wants to climb the mountain to contact her direct for a great pricing package. She is the most helpful person when dealing with booking, and for the past 6 months, she managed to help around 10-15 climbers get up the mountain.

You just have to wait for few more weeks. I sent my draft to Lulu publisher yesterday, and hopefully they will finished it before the end of next week.

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