Kinabalu Climber’s Guide – Pre-release book review

As you know it by now, my Kinabalu Climber’s Guide book is on the way of getting published. The manuscript is currently undergoes extensive editing process by, one of the best self-publishing service on the internet. Some of our readers get the chance to be my book review – well, it’s actually a manuscript – pre-release review of the book before it is finally published.

One of the reviewer is Kay Stanford Kastum, a blogger from Sabah who writes for his own blog, Life Demo had the opportunity to give us some words to share about the upcoming book.

I found out about the Kinabalu Blog managed by Drizad when I started blogging a couple of years back. It was interesting to find out so many info about the hows and whats of climbing Mount Kinabalu. I heard about the legendary porters of Kinabalu but when I saw the actual photos of them carrying plastic water tanks, timbres and cooking gas tanks, I was more than amazed.

The funny thing is, there were many sites that provides info on Kinabalu but they were too general or most of it were talking about their experience rather than an actual step by step guide to ensure you are prepared in terms of what to expect and what to bring or how much you should bring (money or equipments). The Kinabalu Blog is almost like a one stop place for all your Kinabalu climb info.

The book covers most of what Kinabalu Blog has covered before but there are other extra infos added in as well. And there’s a big difference between reading something online and having a physical book to carry around and refer to anytime you want. You can read it while in bed, on the porch of a chalet, while having coffee at at the cafe or even while in the toilet!

I would highly recommend this book and it will be really meaningful. Who else is better to share info about Kinabalu than another climber who have experienced it all, married to a Sabahan Rungus local and knows exactly what he is talking about. I am going to climb Kinabalu, definitely!

Stay tune for the updates on the book!

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  1. Eivin Kilcher

    hello, wow i am very excited about this book. i will be going to do some exploring for my self here soon. any chance your book will be ready to purchase by Christmas? great job much needed and appreciated.
    thanks ~eivin~

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