Kinabalu Park porter Abbie Intang lifting a water tank to Laban Rata

Some of you may have seen this picture somewhere on the net. I even have the photo in this blog sometime ago, without knowing the story of it at that time. Now that I have his story and the story of the photographer, I would like to share with you here.

His name is Abbie Intang, a Moslem Dusun from Kampong Pinosuk, Kundasang. When this photo was taken in 2005, he was 48. But this 600 liters water tank wasn’t the only thing he hustled to Laban Rata along the 6km Summit Trail. This blue empty water tank is only 33kg and it took him about 6 hours, starting 7.30am at Timpohon Gate and arriving Laban Rata about 1.30pm. There were heavier or bigger loads he ‘ported’ up the trail, before and after this.

Before this, he delivered a laundry dryer, a washing machine and a r efrigerator. After this water tank, he delivered 2 loaded cooking gas tanks with a total weight about 64 kg. On the same trip.

Two years ago, he delivered septic tanks to all the shelters including the shelter at Sayat Sayat at KM7.2. Imagine piggybacked a huge empty septic tank along the steep, rocky and treacherous rockface. It took him only 2 hours from Laban Rata to Sayat Sayat, delivering the 27kg septic tank.

The most heaviest load he had delivered was a car battery, about 80kg in weight. Imagine…carrying a man for about 6 hours along the 6km Summit Trail to Laban Rata. We can’t even carry our own backpacks.

Now…you know why he is called Badang Kinabalu.

via Rabani Ayub – the sad part about this is – Rabani Ayub, the photographer of this epic photo passed away last December 2012 in Sukau Kinabatangan, while on assignment.

Popular for his work on eco-tourism sites in Sabah and Sarawak, Rabani collapsed in a resort after complaining of chest pains on Tuesday night, 18th December 2012.

Rabani was rushed to the district hospital 40 minutes away by employees of the resort, but was pronounced dead on arrival around midnight.

He was buried yesterday in Sandakan where his mother and brother, who works as a teacher there, live.

Originally from Kudat, Rabani, who is a system analyst programmer by profession, became a full-time photographer in 2004.

He was also known as Rabani HMA at, where many of his works are featured.



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    Real strong man, real hero, real superman.. may Alloh bless Him, and take care of him..amin

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