Kiram Village revisited – New paved road and more flowers!

I was there last year, spending some time with my family. Just a weekend get away from the hectic day in the clinic. Went there again last weekend for an overnight as I had some work to do on Sunday in Ranau.

I gave Bro. Jamalul a call a couple of days before, just to check whether the chalet was still available on Saturday. Luckily for me, Cabbage unit was empty.

We started our journey to Kundasang at about 4pm. It was raining throughout the journey. We even have to make a detour in Tamparuli, because of a small landslide.

Arrived in Kundasang at about 6pm. Had our dinner near Kundasang town and head up to Kiram Village in Kampung Mesilou. It was dark by the time we arrived there. The air was cool, temperature showed 14 degree Celsius. I was shivering as my wife forgot to pack a sweater for me.

As it was World Cup fever, Bro Jamalul was kind enough to lend us his 14 inches television for few of us (yes, there were other guests) to watch Germany vs Argentina. After about 35 minutes, I decided to go back to my chalet as it was really cold at the open hut.

There was not much sunshine in the morning because of the clouds. It’s clear with gray sky. I decided to take a walk around the village to snap some shots with my model. Obviously, there were more flowers and more beautiful!

If you decided to go there and spend your weekend with your family, just reply to this blog post. Enjoy the photos!

Please check out Kiram’s Village Cabin here.

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12 thoughts on “Kiram Village revisited – New paved road and more flowers!

  1. OniYon

    Planning a holiday with family here in Kundasang (we’ve booked a place in Kiram Village too!) so am wondering if you’d recommend any good place to eat in/ around Kundasang area? And can we buy fresh milk from Kundasang Dairy Farm?

  2. OniYon

    We’ve already booked the place with Mr Jamalul, so we know the price XD Just wondering if you have recommendation on where to find halal food in Kundasang? Thanks

  3. drizad Post author

    Kundasang is actually a Muslim majority village. Most eating outlet in Kundasang town is halal. The one that I think is nice is a restaurant near Nabalu Lodge, just along the main Kinabalu Park-Kundasang road.

  4. OniYon

    I see. thanks for the recommendation. Do you have the name of the restaurant? Or is the restaurant part of Nabalu Lodge? Thanks again

  5. Ida Ibrahim

    Hi! Among all those cabins, which one is the best, in terms of space and views…We will be going there with 14 Adults & 8 kids & thot of staying together. If the weather is ok, how long is the journey from KK to Kundasang? Thanks.

  6. drizad Post author

    Hi Ida,
    I think all the cabin has the best views. You can always walk around the area to get the best angle for your photo shoot. The journey to Kundasang will take approximately about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  7. Eleanor S


    I’m so into kundasang places lover often went down there with family & friends & tried all homestay to 5 stars stay so i would love to stay over ur place (trying new places). I’m so grateful if you could send some infos regarding rates & types oc chalet u hv in Kiram’s village chalet & activities can be done there. thank you.

  8. Nova


    there i was planning to take my family for a trip to kiram village.
    never been to kundasang. is the road condition leading there from KK as good as the picture ? i plan to rent a kancil size car to go there. can a kancil reach that area ?

  9. ruth

    planning to spend holiday in kundasang.this looks like a nice place to stay.can u please send me info regarding the rates and types of chalets. w many rooms or beds in a chalet?

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