Kota Belud in 1960’s photo #26 & #27

Uncle Tony is an ex-army officer who stationed in Kota Belud during his services in 1960’s. These are some of the photos that he took during those days. I wonder if anybody can help me shoot some photos of Kota Belud now, just to compare the photos and see the difference.

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3 thoughts on “Kota Belud in 1960’s photo #26 & #27

  1. KKguy

    My mother was born in Kota Belud in 1959. She told me about her younger days in primary and secondary schools in KB. Back then, the teaching staffs were comprised of westerners. My mother’s teacher was a Canadian (if I am not mistaken). Looking at the couple of photos above, I just love how charming the towns of Sabah were. The wooden shophouses were just very welcoming. Unlike today where the brick and mortar shophouses are ugly, lack character and aesthetics. Fortunately, some of these shophouses still stand today in KB. I strongly suggests that the local governments take step to preserve this built heritage for the reference of our future generation.

    I can see KB back then was clean too. The photos confirm my mother’s story that KB was such a clean place during her younger days. But, look at it now, the environment is scattered with rubbish. Bear in mind that KB is not overrun by illegal immigrants, because the local Bajau community there has a strong sense of communal bond and up until recently, discourages people from outside the town to settle there. So, it is all about mindset, we need to change Sabahans’ mindset in order for the state to get better. My mother, herself is a Bajau, is proud of her culture and the place of her birth, and I think she would be very glad to see these photos.

  2. Yassir

    Interesting. Kota Belud is my hometown and currently live here, I’ll try to find or snap some picture once I learned the exact location of the photographer in the pictures.

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