Kota Kinabalu – any nice places to visit?

Aiden received an email from one of our friend who is coming with his friends for a visit to Kota Kinabalu. The email sounded like this:

4) Actually KK any other nice place to visit, shop, eat etc?

Aiden have spend half of his sleeping time last night composing the reply email. This is his reply. (I think it it better for me to share with you the email, so that you will have a rough idea if you then decided to spend your holiday here.)

4) Actually in KK, if you are staying in the City Centre and especially in the Gaya Street area, there will be a lot more stuffs to eat, that is to say, it is easier for you to search for any kind of food. Take a look into the KK Map 1, in the coordinate of B-2, you will see a Hotel, which it’s name is Jesselton. Just located opposite to the hotel, there will be a shop, which it’s name is YAU KEE , or something like that ,I can’t remember the spelling of the name. It is very famous for BAH KUT TEH, or Chinese Herbal Pork with sup in English . They normally start to do their business at around 6 to 7p.m in the evening.

In between the coordinate of B-4 and B-5 , you can see an Restaurant which it’s name is SUANG TEIN in the SEDCO SQUARE area. That was a famous open air seafood restaurant before, combining with several restaurants and several other hawkers in that area, they form an open air restaurant-like food centre. To cut the long story short, it is unique.But now they have built some roof so that when it rains, people can still enjoy their meals without running here and there hiding over the rain. The price is a bit more expensive than those in those in the ordinary shop, but the food is nice, not only they serve seafood but with large kind of variety of food to be chosen, I think it does suit our Malaysian or Singaporean’s taste.

Map of Kota KinabaluIn between A-2 and B-2 , there will be a shopping center named Wisma Merdeka.
In A-3 , there will be a shopping center named KK Plaza.
In between A-4, B-4, A-5, B-5 , there is another shopping center named Centre Point. This map is a little bit outdated I would say, because just right beside the Centre Point, in between A-4 and A-5 it is showing the Mini-bus Station. Just want to let you know that KK has been developing in a moderate speed since Kota Kinabalu has been gazetted as a CITY from a former status – TOWN. So, The mini-bus station has been destroyed actually, and rebuilt with some Higher-class of Recreation shops, boutiques, restaurants, and etc… That place is now name as Warisan Square. And the Mini-bus Station has now been moved to the place in A-7..

In the coordinate of C-1, you can see the Signal Hill Observatory, that is the place where you can have a full view of the city. But please don’t go there at night, if you are not travelling by car. It will be a bit dangerous at night. In the coordinate of C-3, there is a place of interest, the Atkinson Clock Tower, that is one of the several oldest structure that has been left after the World War 2. There will be a small path where it is accessible from the bottom of the hill of where Atkinson Clock Tower is situated. And after you reach the Atkinson Clock Tower area, which is on a small hill, you can then walk to the higher place, where the Signal Hill Observatory is situated.

In B-2 , you can see that in the map, there will be a place called the Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation or Sabah Tourism Board (STB), I will leave that to you to find out what is interesting in the City area, those people in STB is always happy to help you out.

Hope that all of this info will give you a rough idea on what you should do when you are in our city.

I believe our help that we have contributed is far more worth for what you have been asking for. So, we might need your help in the future, when we have set up a page for our previous online visitors to post a comment or testimony. Hope that you will be able to help us by that time too.

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    thanks for tips! Will be climbing KK on 3rd Feb, coming down 4th Feb. We have till Fri 8th in Sabah, taking AirAsia back to S’pore. Am planning activities in this time. Am interested in your Rungus longhouse in Kudat. How much is the 2D1N and 3D2N package? What other activities would you suggest?


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