Kota Kinabalu City Map

UPDATE 5th December 2007: How to Get to Kinabalu Park HQ from Kota Kinabalu using Google Maps

I always got request from our fellow travelers on maps of Kota Kinabalu and Mount Kinabalu trail. Well, you can get the trail map from the website, but for Kota Kinabalu City map, I will show you here. I save the map from Google Earth, and this map will include:

  1. Sabah Tourism Building
  2. Wisma Sabah (where Sutera Sanctuary Lodge is)
  3. Atkinson Clock Tower
  4. Kota Kinabalu Jetty (Jesselton Point)
  5. Jesselton Hotel
  6. Gaya Street
  7. KK Plaza
  8. Wisma Merdeka (where Borneo Books 2 is)
  9. Jalan Pantai (Beach street)
  10. Wet market
  11. Filipino market
  12. HSBC & Standard Chartered Bank)
  13. Le Meridien Hotel
  14. Hyatt Regency Hotel
  15. Australia Place

Kota Kinabalu City Map

If you stay in one of the hostel that is suggested from my website, then it will be inside the map. All are the important places that is stated above is just a walking distance from where you stay.

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  1. Anyone been Tip of Borneo and Longhouse KK before? Isnt worth to go there because it take 3 hours to travel there from KK city.

  2. How do I get to 1Borneo, I am driving from Brunei. could any one give me the direction. which road to use starting from the moment entering the kk city. I might be ariving in the evening, so it might be difficult to find street name. I only know it is located along Jalan Sulaiman.

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