Linux For You – Best available offline magazine for Linux and Open Source

Linux For You - Best available offline magazine for Linux and Open SourceI just feel that having a physical true magazine or books is cool. I like the feel and smell of new book or magazine that I buy. It’s not the same feeling as you read an online magazine. There are many RSS feed on Linux and Open Source in the internet, but I still feel the good-old-style of book and magazine is still the way things are. That is why, I like to buy and read a true affordable magazine about things that I like most – Linux and Open Source.

I have been buying and reading Linux For You – The complete magazine on Open Source for the past 6 months, and I am very impress with the presentation and content. It’s a magazine that is published in India, but easily available here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I really respect the production team, as I could not find a similar magazine about Linux and Open Source in Malaysia, not even close. Even Singapore don’t have one like this.

LFY January 2007With the price of RM16.90 or Rs100, the magazine is fully loaded with more than 100 pages of latest information and development on Linux and Open Source. The contents of the magazine is written with various level of Linux user in mind – from the newbie to geeks. So, it is suitable for anybody, especially for those who have been using Windows for the past gazillion years who like to seek an alternative.

The best part of buying this magazine is getting the latest Linux distro in DVD, without having to pay extra. It saves me from hunting through various Torrent downloading for the distro that I need, which usually took me almost one whole day (you know how sucks Streamyx is).

Up till now, we Malaysian still have to read about Linux and Open Source offline by having this magazine (I think). I am not sure when will we have our own magazine, a Linux and Open Source that is “Made in Malaysia”. Although with “Malaysia Boleh!” slogan in mind, I don’t think that it will be materialize in the near future.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Magazine and books that you buy is tax deductible (up to RM700 for Malaysian). Keep the receipt as a proof when you submit your income tax.

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  1. bayau

    are you using linux?
    i am very sad no many people use linux in sabah. i am looking for someone who
    interested and want to form a linux group. for that purpose, i am working on
    linux disto. a debian desktop.

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